Get your mobility, posture and flexibility back with a workout that can be as tough or as gentle as you like at a ladies-only gym, which has friendliness and motivation at its heart

Back up and running and with all the necessary safety equipment, Enjoy! Wellness Centre in Clitheroe is now welcoming members to this popular, ladies-only gym.

With a state-of-the-art machine that cleans the air and screening between each of the specially-designed, sanitised exercise machines, ladies can be assured that their time spent at Enjoy! will be safe.

The Enjoy! Wellness Centre has a range of power-assisted machines that can help tone and strengthen muscles – the power-assisted facility means ladies can enjoy a tough workout or a more gentle exercise regime – so for those with mobility issues this is perfect.

“Many of our members are over 50 but we do have some much younger. The machines can help those with fibromyalgia, arthritis and MS – conditions that often will put them off going to an ordinary gym as they don’t want to be seen as not working hard at their fitness,” explains gym-owner Nicola Rowlandson.

“On the power-assisted machines, others can’t tell how hard you are working. The machines can also target specific areas – at Enjoy! we will work out a personal programme for each individual.

“Everyone’s goals are different – some may focus on weight loss, others on toning but for many it’s about improving mobility.”

Whatever your goal, Nicola and the team at Enjoy! are all trained in using the toning machines, vibration plates and balance master, which is used and recommended by hospitals following hip and joint replacement surgery.

When working on the machines, which have been specifically designed to perfectly position the body, ladies are actually performing isometric exercises usually associated with Pilates and yoga, which really helps in strengthening and toning. The exercises also help circulation and regular use will improve posture by improving flexibility and mobility as well as lubricating joints.

Having enjoyed considerable success since opening 10 years ago, Enjoy! Wellness Centre is a small club offering annual membership and a one-to-one service that can help to get you moving.

Why not give Nicola and the friendly team a call and see how they can help improve your mobility, your confidence and your life!

Enjoy! Wellness Centre
Shawbridge Saw Mill 
Taylor Street, Clitheroe BB7 1LY
01200 444335



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