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The financial experts at Raymond James take a look at the challenges and opportunities of running your own business

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you’ve built something you care about – and you want to see it last. We understand. We’re well-versed in the challenges and opportunities before you. As your financial guide, we help you further your success by giving you the confidence to focus on what you do best.

You’ve refined the skills necessary to thrive in the marketplace and lived the continuous commitment that is running a business. Like all business owners and entrepreneurs, you’ve learned that your personal and professional lives may intertwine in ways you had not anticipated. As your guide, we help you see all angles of the bigger picture – important things like passing on a legacy to the next generation and helping to ensure your team have options for retirement planning.

We help you cut through the complexity of your financial situation to create, implement and manage an all-encompassing plan designed to pursue your goals – personally and professionally. Our strategies capitalise on our extensive resources and world class analysis and are customised to your needs. The result is a balanced plan combined with the details of how you picture your life.

We know from experience that you may face several challenges. The boardroom for small business owners can be a lonely place, so we aim to help you:

• Ensure that you build up a tax-efficient fund for your retirement that closely matches your life goals and financial objectives
• Undertake an in-depth review of your business and help implement a tailored financial plan
• Invest spare cash in the business, above working capital, to produce a tax-free income
• Help prepare you and your business for exit – including achieving financial independence – or having an effective succession plan in place to secure the future of your business
• Put in place the right protection policies to safeguard you, your family and your business, from life’s unforeseen events such as serious illness or death

We have extensive experience working with business owners and entrepreneurs through the different stages of growing their businesses and supporting their personal lives. Whatever stage your business venture has reached, whether you’re established, growing, exploring your exit path, or considering life after exit, we will support your growth.

To find out how our specialist team could help you, get in touch with us on 01772 780300 to book a free no obligation consultation.

Risk Warning: Opinions constitute our judgement as of this date and are subject to change without warning. With investing, your capital is at risk.

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