Pets In The Prime Of Life

As our beloved pets grow older, their healthcare needs can change. Ribble Vets is here to help, writes Stephanie Sparrow. Photography: Robin Lyndon

Never mind the dirty paw marks or chewed slipper, we all treasure our pets, and want the best care for them, from the lively kitten or puppy stage through to their more stately years.

Since the 1930s Ribble Vets has helped pets enjoy happy, healthy lives, and now the practice is launching Prime of Life care – a package of expertise to manage the needs of mature animals.

“We promote preventative healthcare in all ages of pet,” says practice manager Nicky Birch. “For new puppies and kittens this means worming and vaccinations. But, as the animal grows older, there is lots we could help with, in some cases before symptoms get too severe.”

Nicky shares some pointers. “If your cat or dog is slowing down a little, or even sleeping more, this could be a subtle sign that they are in pain – perhaps because of osteoarthritis.” This spring the practice is launching an osteoarthritis monitoring App. This will help to consolidate the monitoring and treatment options available for managing this disease.

Another example is high blood pressure – it’s not just a human problem. In cats it can lead to blindness, or issues with the heart or kidneys, but early diagnosis can help. “If clients have their cats’ blood pressure checked regularly, perhaps when they come in for their vaccination boosters, then we know what is normal for that cat and can monitor it.”

Owners’ peace of mind is also a priority for Ribble Vets. It offers the latest medical care, and a payment scheme known as the Pet Care Plan. Older pets with the plan access discounted dental treatments and, where necessary, the K-Laser – which uses the latest laser therapy to treat joint and soft tissue pain, or to speed up healing post-surgery.

The purpose-built Penwortham surgery on Liverpool Road, was recently granted Veterinary Hospital Status by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in recognition of its staff training, equipment and 24-hour care. Nicky emphasises the expertise and facilities which are available under one roof. “We have two operating theatres, a diagnostics room with endoscopes and ECG, a room for dental treatments, laboratory, and hydrotherapy service using an aquatic treadmill.”

Continuity of care is important she says. At Ribble Vets, which also has branches in Wesham, Longton and Leyland, the 16 vets and 20 nurses try to see the same clients each time. The 24-hour service, run by in-house staff who are known to owners and their pets, is personal and reassuring.

Nicky adds that Ribble Vets isn’t just there for emergencies. For example, the Penwortham surgery is a Royal Canin Weight Management Approved Centre and offers boarding facilities for cats in luxury condominiums. A private bereavement room provides sanctuary when a pet passes away.

“We are invested in the community, and hopefully maintain that ethos,” says Nicky.

Ribble Vets
80-82 Liverpool Road, Penwortham PR1 0HT
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