Putting Feet First

ShoeMed believe that our health and well-being begins with correctly fitting footwear. Photography: Kirsten Platt

It’s important that we keep moving and mobile, but when our feet, knees and backs become painful we become less active and this impacts on our health.

ShoeMed offers an outstanding, professional, unique, free of charge, measuring and fitting service – plus friendly advice, on a one-to-one basis.

We help you find shoes that are comfortable, that fit and are stylish.

Like fingerprints, everyone’s feet are different, which is why we measure and fit shoes. The gauge used is merely a guide for the shoe fitter – a place to start. All shoes fit differently according to brand and style. There is no standardisation because feet are not all a standard size.

Most people are unaware that footwear is the only aspect of clothing which can potentially damage your health. Have you ever considered that your bunions, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, sore knees or aching back might be being caused or made worse by poor, ill-fitting shoes? And of course we mustn’t forget painful corns, callouses and blisters which can also be the result of shoes that do not fit correctly. In fact our feet are one of the most important but most abused parts of the body.

We spend a fortune on looking after our bodies physically and nutritionally – joining gyms, going to keep fit classes, buying into diets or having pre-designed meals delivered to our door. But little or no time is spent focusing on or educating people about feet and foot health.

So, we cram our feet into shoes that are often the wrong shape, too short, not wide or deep enough and, on the whole, totally unsuitable for the needs of our feet. Incorrect footwear can cause long term damage. Fact. Some problems are immediately visible but more often than not the worst offenders develop imperceptibly over a period of time.

There is no substitute to having your feet measured and being fitted with shoes that are the correct size, width, depth and style for your feet.

Prevention is definitely better than cure, but if you have an existing problem, shoes that fit properly will help to relieve the pain you are experiencing, as well as help prevent recurring problems such as blisters and corns, and more importantly, keep you moving.

The number of unworn shoes and wasted money sitting at the back of the wardrobe is probably more than we think. Much of this is due to purchasing online where you cannot try before you buy, let alone get personal advice on which styles would be right for you.

ShoeMed are committed to changing the way people think about footwear and always encourage you to put your feet first.

No appointment is necessary but please allow at least 40 minutes for a first visit – fitting footwear that fits simply can’t be rushed.

ShoeMed – so much more than just shoes!

32D King Street, Clitheroe BB7 2EP
01200 425399
Open Wednesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm



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