Shape Up With Our Medical Weight Loss Services

Shape Up With Our Medical Weight Loss Services

Multiple lockdowns have brought an unwelcome increase in weight for many. At RejuvaMed’s specialist medical weight loss centre we offer two effective medical weight loss solutions. If you’ve tried every diet available, and now need some help with losing excess weight, then RejuvaMed has the answers!

The first is the Elipse gastric balloon, which is the only weight loss balloon which can be placed in the stomach without an anaesthetic or endoscopy. Typical weight loss is 12-15 per cent of body weight over a six-month programme, in which you have intensive support from a dietician, and technology such as smart scales that link to an app on your phone to track progress. The balloon helps prevent over-eating, and snacking in between meals.

The programme is incredibly effective at helping participants keep weight off after the balloon deflates.

A consultation with medical director Dr Grant McKeating is required to discuss our medical weight loss options, the second of which is daily or weekly prescription medication which suppresses appetite and assists with effective weight loss. If the Elipse balloon is not the right solution for you, then medication may well be an effective alternative.

Once you’re on the way to losing that excess weight then you can think about body sculpting and skin tightening, with our Morpheus8 and 3D Lipo Ultimate Pro systems, which help shift stubborn pockets of fat, and tighten loose skin, all without surgery.

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