Grand Designs, The Restoration Man, Durham Cathedral – Axess 2 Lifts have been involved in many exciting projects. Sarah Varley visits their purpose-built showroom in Clitheroe

Future-proofing and accessibility are hot topics in architecture and home improvement, with homes needing to work harder for multi-generational living or immediate access solutions. But did you know there is a company right here in the Ribble Valley providing the most versatile range of incline, step, vertical, platform and passenger lifts available in Europe, to meet all these requirements?

Axess 2 Lifts has been in Clitheroe for 10 years and has been involved in designing and installing lifts in many exciting projects in a diverse range of spaces from high-profile retailers such as M&S, prestigious public buildings such as Durham Cathedral, to ambitious home renovations and builds featured on TV’s Grand Designs and George Clarke’s The Restoration Man.

The management at Axess 2 is made up of Darren and Natalie Cardwell and Nathan Massey and it is a really friendly, dynamic team, who clearly love what they do.

“We have the expertise and experience to find the perfect accessibility solution for any home or business,” says Natalie. “We have a proactive, problem-solving mind-set and we thrive on overcoming issues with any building to find the perfect solution even if we have to get something engineered ourselves,” she adds.

The company pride themselves on working closely with local suppliers: “We’re passionate about supporting local industry and use local suppliers and manufacturers wherever possible,” Natalie states. “We’ve had customers who have wanted floating glass structures so Nathan and Darren got involved in the design and manufacturing process with a local steel and fabrication company to achieve exactly what was required,” Natalie tells us.

Ambitious projects like Durham Cathedral epitomise the expertise of the Axess 2 team to meet any challenge. “The cathedral is a Grade I listed building so we could not dig down or touch many of the existing features. We managed to design and fit a floating glass structure with no visible fixings that blends perfectly into the character of the cathedral,” explains Nathan.

The lifts available from Axess 2 are surprisingly aesthetically pleasing. “You might have seen the Water Mill renovation on The Renovation Man – the lift we fitted to make all five floors easily accessible was so sleek and integrated with the design that it looked like it had always been there. It also enhanced the usability of all the great space available,” Natalie recalls.

Locally you might have seen Axess 2’s work in place at Bertram’s Restaurant at Crow Wood in Burnley, Carlito’s Cocktail Bar and Roefield Leisure Centre in Clitheroe or The Courtyard, Settle to name a few. Perhaps you haven’t even noticed these lifts as they are so carefully matched to the buildings, providing accessibility without compromise on design.

The enthusiasm of the team for what they do is evident. “Every day is different and we’ve been lucky enough to work with some great people on some great projects,” enthuses Nathan.

The company offer a bespoke finishing service with an array of options available to meet the most stringent requirements. In fact, says Natalie: “We’ll move heaven and earth to make sure each lift is everything our customer wants and more.”

The level of attention to detail and customer care really sets this company apart. They are equally enthusiastic about smaller projects, embracing the challenge of fitting lifts into smaller spaces or older buildings. “We had a great project recently where we helped to make a Victorian townhouse accessible for a multi-generational family,” says Natalie. “It is key for people to be able to maintain their independence so our lifts are a great alternative to traditional stairlifts or single-storey living,” Nathan adds.

The team provide the same great care throughout, from design and installation to maintenance and servicing.

You can see the lift options in action at Axess 2’s state-of-the-art Clitheroe showroom, helping you visualise how the lift will fit into your project and exactly what you require, and the team would love you to call in.

“We want people to know that we are here in the Ribble Valley and that we can help you find the perfect solution to make your home accessible and future-proof, and work for you without compromising on aesthetics,” says Natalie. “Come in with your plans and ideas and we can talk through your individual project,” Nathan tells us, adding: “We’re genuinely interested in each project we come across and we love new challenges, so come and have a coffee and let’s talk.”

Axess 2
Unit 7, Deanfield Drive
Link 59 Business Park, Clitheroe BB7 1QJ
01200 405005



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