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This Christmas will be different for many, but one thing that will remain the same is Booths’ ethos to provide quality produce served by the best staff and customer service. Photography: Roger Moore

Over the last few months, Booths in Garstang has become even more of a focal point in the local area. This year, having a traditional family Christmas will be on everyone’s list, with people wanting to celebrate with good food and drink and experience the spirit of the season at home.

Like its other stores, Booths Garstang played a major part in supporting the community during the early days of Covid-19. “One thing that stood us in good stead,” said store manager Adam Slater, “is the relationship we have with our great local suppliers, including Dewlay, Bowland Meats, Lathams and Lancaster Brewery to name a few, who were able to react quickly to the changes that were constantly changing, so we were able to maintain the best possible availability. In return, we supported them by promoting specific ranges in store, it was a win win combination.”

Something the business is proud of is how much innovation it has been able to achieve and how quickly it has been able to introduce it during lockdown. It launched its click and collect operation back in April to help shoppers through the coronavirus crisis. Staff take payment over the phone and goods can be collected in store or delivered to the customer’s vehicle. It also set up an emergency delivery service for the local community by delivering essential food parcels within a three-mile radius of the store.

Booths has made it easy for customers to give back to the local community while shopping, with its Buy One Give One Free initiative. For every qualifying item that customers purchase, they can pick one up free of charge to donate to the store’s food bank. Customers have also been able to take advantage of its partnership with John Lewis, whereby anyone who orders off the department store’s website can collect from Booths in Garstang.

The supermarket is renowned for its personal touch and this became more prominent. “In a way,” said Adam, “it feels like we’ve become even more part of the community. We’ve had someone on our front door greeting people as they enter since Covid-19 started. In a time where people are worried, just to be welcomed with a hello and a bit of a chat makes all the difference to someone’s day.

“However, we couldn’t have done it without our fantastic staff,” added Adam. As well as several long serving employees, it has recruited temporary staff where retail isn’t their first profession. “A travel agent has joined us along with a professional ballet dancer, to name a couple. They are a great asset to our team as they bring with them their own skillset.”

Booths has once again excelled itself this year for Christmas food and drink. The Booths Christmas book is now available in store or online featuring amazing platters, succulent meats, party foods and delicious puddings all from local suppliers and further afield. What’s more it has just won the Wine and Spirit Retailer of the Year Award.

Booths is so much more than a supermarket. Established since 1847 and still going strong, it must be doing something right. Treat yourself this Christmas, you deserve it.

Booths Garstang
Cherestanc Square, Park Hill Road
Garstang, Preston PR3 1EF
01995 603236



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