The Centrepiece of Christmas

What better way to celebrate the festive season than with the most glorious Christmas tree

Each tree species can be a little different in size, scent and needle retention so it’s difficult to know which Christmas tree to buy. However, the Forestry Commission England has put together a guide to choosing the perfect Christmas tree.

Norway spruce
Considered the traditional Christmas tree, the Norway spruce is best known for:
• A wonderful shape and an abundance of branches – great for hanging lots of decorations!
• A lovely ‘Christmassy’ scent that’s perfect at this time of year.
Who does it suit?
With a long lasting scent and a traditional shape, Norway spruce are perfect for those who appreciate the classic look and smell of Christmas.
To help your spruce retain its needles you need to place it away from any radiators/fires and water it every day.

Nordmann fir
The star qualities of a Nordmann fir are:
• Having soft foliage and an even shape – making it a joy to decorate!
• Glossy, dark green needles that have a whitish/light blue underside.
Who does it suit?
With its big needles which are lovely and soft, Nordmann fir are perfect for those with young children.
You will need a big space to show off a Nordmann fir in its full glory. For a six ft tall tree allow approximately five ft space.

Lodgepole pine
The Lodgepole pine is an ideal Christmas tree due to its:
• Bushy appearance and luscious long green needles.
• Branches that point upwards which hold a wonderful pine scent.
Who does it suit?
With the best needle retention of them all, Lodgepole pines are perfect for those who like a long festive season and decorate their tree as early as possible.
High ceilings are a must for this tree, make sure you measure the height of your room where you plan to put the tree before you go pick one up!

Caring for your Christmas tree
Preventing needles dropping and the green from fading on your Christmas tree requires a little bit of care and attention. Follow the top tips for a longer lasting, healthier real Christmas tree.
1. Cut off 2.5cm from the trunk to aid with water absorption.
2. Put the tree in a stand with the trunk immersed in water.
3. Keep your tree in a cool, dry space. Away from radiators and fires.
4. Water your tree regularly.

Why buy real?
1. Real trees use 10 times fewer materials and five times less energy than artificial trees.
2. They are completely biodegradable.
3. They are grown in the UK.
4. A tree is planted for every tree harvested.



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