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Wayne Hayhurst explains why cutting-edge technology coupled with years of experience gives Two10 Investment Services the edge when it comes to financial decision-making

Last month Live Ribble Valley reported on the launch of Two10 Investment Services, a new financial services and advice business launched in Longridge. We wanted to know more about this innovative development and caught up with Wayne Hayhurst, the driving force behind Two10.

Wayne, congratulations on the launch of Two10. Why did you take this step, given the success you are enjoying as Branch Principal at Raymond James Ribble Valley?
Two10 Investment Services is a completely independent business regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. There was a gap in the market for a new style of financial services business, ideally suited to those people who may until now have fallen short of the investment criteria required to achieve personalised, face-to-face investment advice or those individuals for whom the cost of high-quality advice was prohibitive in respect of their investments. We believe we can fill that gap with the offer from Two10.

Who might these people in your target market be?
You could be a young professional just starting on your financial journey, a mid-lifer whose wealth is distributed across a range of investments or someone older who wants to protect their wealth in retirement and provide an income from it.

So how does Two10 go about meeting its objectives for those clients?
Two10 uses top end technology but is much more than that. It is a service borne of our wealth of experience from Raymond James and our desire to work with those who are serious about their financial future. Two10 clients enjoy personal contact with and the expertise of the vibrant team we have assembled at Two10. Our team wants to understand its clients on a personal level, their hopes and realities. Clients are not just numbers fed into an algorithm, we recognise each client is an individual.

This sounds very much like your approach at Raymond James. How do the businesses differ?
Two10 uses model portfolios, it is not a bespoke investment service like Raymond James. Our clients’ money is invested in funds, not individual equities. This makes the service cost effective and ideal for regular contributions. It is a light touch financial planning approach but remains a high-quality service. Jonathan Polin is a leading light in the financial management world having recently launched his own company backed by £140 million of private equity investment. Polin recently went on record as saying: “The modern wealth management firm is one which offers a hybrid service, combining the personal touch of face-to-face meetings with cutting edge technology to appeal to the next generation of investors.” I believe that is what we are doing with Two10.

Finally Wayne, Two10 is an unusual name. What’s behind it?
For us, the ‘two’ represents those tactical investment decisions in the short term, typically over a two-year period, designed to ensure your investments reflect current market conditions. The ‘10’ focuses on investments that have long term prospects, typically over a 10-year period, to help our clients meet their longer-term goals, whether that be planning for retirement, for their children’s futures or simply growing their wealth and planning for whatever life demands down the line.

Thank you for your insights. What should people do if they are considering their financial future?
Please contact our Two10 team for a no obligation discussion. Our coffee is great and a warm welcome assured!

Two10 Investment Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered in England and Wales, No. 13010014.

Risk warnings: With investing, your capital is at risk.

Two10 Investment Services Ltd
8 Berry Lane, Longridge
Preston PR3 3JA
01772 970470



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