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Interior design experts reveal the simple decor updates that will sell your home faster

Reports show that homes which are ‘staged’ with the likes of fresh flowers and freshly baked bread, before viewings spend 90 per cent less time on the market.

Interior experts at LuxDeco have revealed these simple tips to follow to help sell your home and wow prospective buyers:

First impressions count
From the exterior to the entrance hall you want to make the best first impression with prospective buyers. People do judge a book by its cover, so spruce up any tired looking front doors and any untidy or disarrayed gardens to add curb appeal. For a welcoming entrance hall, clear away shoes or bulky coats to maximise the space and add a pop of colour by adding fresh flowers to any sideboards or console tables.

Does this spark joy?
When it comes to kitchens, it’s time to take Marie Kondo’s advice: “Put nothing on the counters or around the sink and stove top.” Empty countertops will make your kitchen look much cleaner and more appealing to buyers.

Don’t air your dirty laundry
While homes are meant to be functional, pack away the laundry basket, clothes horse and the ironing you’ve been putting off for weeks.

Showcase the space
Keep in mind that prospective buyers might not use the rooms in the same way as you so it’s important to showcase the space rather than the functionality. If you have children, tidy up any toys or mess in their rooms in order to maximise the area. Your buyers might use these rooms as walk-in-wardrobes or dressing-rooms instead.

Similarly, if you’ve converted a bedroom into an office space keep it clear of papers as this can detract from the quality of the room.

A treat for the senses
When you’re preparing your home for a viewing make sure you consider all five senses:
Sight – make sure the house is tidy, clear of any clutter and dust free.
Hearing – if you know that there is building work or an event happening nearby, try and arrange viewings on a different day or time to ensure potential buyers experience the house on a ‘typical’ day.
Taste – it might be a cliché that the smell of freshly baked bread or roasted coffee increases the likelihood of getting an offer on your house, but adding homely smells to the kitchen could also increase a buyer’s appetite for your property.
Smell – it’s not just the kitchen you need to consider, it’s important to make sure the rest of the home is smelling fresh too. Avoid being heavy-handed on the cleaning products as it could give it a clinical feel. Instead, rely on diffusers or light a scented candle just before a viewing to give a more subtle fragrance.
Touch – this ties back to the cleanliness of your home so make sure the counter surfaces and doors are clean.

Linda Holmes, Interiors Director at LuxDeco Studio says: “For many people, painting their house top to toe in a neutral, inoffensive colour may seem like the best way to entice potential buyers, but sellers don’t have to resort to such measures or expense to do that.

“Making these small decor updates are really simple ways to help sell your home without breaking the bank with a total revamp.”

Cheryl Eisen, President and founder of luxury design and real estate marketing firm, Interior Marketing Group adds: “A clean house is more important than anything to potential home buyers. Take time to switch dull light bulbs, vacuum the floors, remove any rubbish and remember to make the beds – a clean home is so much more inviting for prospective buyers and more likely to leave a lasting impression.

“Minimalise and neutralise space, remove any personal touches and aim to edit down trinkets and photos to around a third of what you started with to give more of a blank canvas feel. Finally remember to plump up any cushions and add some fresh flowers.”

“It’s all in the little details, but they can make a big difference! We’ve found that our listings that had been staged sold 79 per cent faster than average and that 45 per cent of them sold above the asking price.”



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