Work Wonders This Winter

This skin and aesthetics expert believes the winter months are the perfect time to prepare yourself for spring, writes Kate Ford. Photography: Roger Moore

If you’re starting to feel like winter will never end and that the past few months have taken a toll on both your skin and waistline, then maybe it’s time to take some positive steps towards springtime.

Aesthetics expert, Liv Hindmoor, understands exactly how the winter months can leave people needing a confidence boost. A fully accredited specialist in non-surgical aesthetics, Liv runs a professional clinic, 3D Aesthetics Ltd, which offers a range of clinically proven, non-invasive treatments for the body and face.

“Winter conditions can leave skin looking tired, dry and dull,” she says. “Then, of course, there are all those extra inches we put on, which is entirely understandable in a season of celebration and parties.”

“The good news for the new year is that these problems can definitely be solved, with some cleverly chosen, bespoke treatments that are tailored to your individual needs.”

Liv uses the most advanced 3D Lipo technology available in the UK to break down fat cells, either by freezing, ultrasound or radio waves, targeting problem areas like the waistline, hips, thighs and bottom. Many of her clients have dropped a dress size and Liv finds their delighted reactions so rewarding.

“Our main aim is to help people feel better about themselves and improve their confidence, achieving real results for real people,” says Liv.

Liv also offers a range of facials that help clients achieve the fresh, clear skin they’re seeking as spring approaches. One of her most popular treatments is the famous HIFU non-surgical facelift which applies the strongest level of ultrasound you can to the skin, targeting collagen and elastin cells, causing them to contract and leading to lifting and tightening.

Her less intense microdermabrasion treatments polish and buff up the skin, leaving a flawless complexion.

Liv provides full aftercare advice to help clients get the most from their results and she also sells a range of professional skincare products, including some designed specifically to deal with problems of pigmentation, ageing and oily or acne affected skin. Until the end of March, she’s offering 10 per cent off any facial products purchased when booking any facial, and her Christmas offer of 50 per cent off HIFU is extended until the end of February, due to popularity.

“When it comes to the HIFU, I offer a thorough, professional service and the results can be quite astounding,” says Liv, who runs a very friendly clinic.”

“All treatments are medically tested and proven, and they’re also a very relaxing, pleasant experience.”

Liv offers free 30-minute consultations to establish exactly what results her clients want to achieve and then offers personalised solutions. Packages are priced individually and Liv prides herself on keeping her treatments affordable. She also works with a fully qualified nurse providing anti-wrinkle injections, Fillers, Advanced Fillers and B12 injections.

3D Aesthetics Ltd
Barton Grange Hotel, Garstang Road
Barton, Preston PR3 5AA
07837 589847



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