A GP To Meet Your Needs

Responding to the needs of the local community, Spire Fylde Coast Hospital provides a vital GP service to patients who are keen to be seen quickly

Waiting to be seen by your GP can cause an immense amount of stress and anxiety, so opting to see a Spire GP privately will enable you to have a face to face consultation promptly.

Dr Farzaneh Mani (pictured above), Spire GP commented: “We have found many patients in the region are struggling to get an appointment with their GP, especially face to face. There are also numerous treatments that have considerably long waiting lists or are being deferred by the NHS due to the immense pressure. We can deal with these quickly and effectively at Spire Fylde Coast Hospital through our treatment pathways and specialist healthcare.”

Dr Mani continued: “Continuity of care is critical for all patients and visiting a GP at Spire Fylde Coast Hospital won’t affect the patient’s NHS care whatsoever. With the patient’s consent we will liaise directly with their GP on any diagnosis, treatment requirements or referrals. To speed up some treatments we can refer them internally for blood tests, scans and consultant referrals. All of these will be shared with the patient’s NHS GP so nothing vital is missed.”

The team at Spire have access to some of the most highly respected surgeons in the region and with major investment in state of the art technology can deliver a greater throughput of patients for minor less invasive operations and procedures as well as for major operations.

One key area Spire Fylde Coast Hospital specialises in is Women’s Health and Mr Khalil Abdo (pictured above), Consultant Gynaecological Surgeon deals with many gynaecological issues and procedures relating to menstrual problems and cervical issues as well as initial management of menopause issues and HRT. Treatments and procedures include cervical biopsies, cervical smears, hysteroscopy, Mirena system, endometrial ablation and abdominal hysterectomy, pelvic pain, benign vulval problems and primary prolapses and repair.

Mr Abdo commented: “Patients choosing Spire are assessed quickly and then a management plan is discussed and agreed with them. Access to diagnosis, treatment and discharge is rapid, reducing unnecessary waiting times, investigations and follow up. This reduces inconvenience to patients and maximises the use of available resources and delivers an efficient service to the patient.”

Preventative care is also a major priority and Spire Fylde Coast Hospital provides integrated pathways to deliver early interventions and improve patient outcomes. Health screenings using medical and non-invasive tests provide health and wellbeing overviews for patients. Following the assessment, any specific health concerns can be discussed and any diagnostics and treatment plans put in place.

With people increasingly selecting private healthcare, Spire Fylde Coast Hospital can provide a comprehensive diagnostic service and specialist treatments with fast access to high quality healthcare, enabling people to live their lives as healthily and pain free as possible.

Those individuals wishing to access private healthcare services also have the option of 0 per cent finance for a 12-month period through the hospital.

Spire Fylde Coast Hospital
St. Walburgas Road, Blackpool FY3 8BP
Main Switchboard: 01253 394188
Self-pay treatment enquiries: 01253 308031



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