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These are exciting times at Gazegill Organics with the launch of the new Restaurant Eight at Gazegill, writes Gail Bailey

There is a new arm to Gazegill Organics in the form of an exciting new restaurant, Eight at Gazegill by chef patron Doug Crampton.

“For a number of years, we have toyed with the idea of taking our home grown produce from farm to plate right here at the core of the business,” explains owner Ian O’Reilly.

“With a history spanning generations, the family have worked this land and have all left their mark – a heritage that we are very proud of today. This culmination of nurturing soils and the rich diverse nature the farm plays host to, makes this restaurant a testament to generations of organic farming and an unfaltering connection to the land. It just seemed the right thing to do!”

The farm has a rich tapestry of archaeological history that to date remain undisturbed, from the remnants of a Roman road to more recent medieval ridge and furrow, these visible snapshots of time display a landscape that harbours a rich commentary. Add to the landscape heritage, the soil legacy and a rare glimpse of traditional nature and habitat opens up: “With some of the rarest upland ancient meadows in Pennine Lancashire we are indebted to our ancestors for protecting and passing these precious habitats on, ancient grassland that still thrives today,” Ian says.

At the core of Gazegill’s farming ethos are the indigenous breeds they choose, that perfectly align with the sustainable and low input approach. As Ian explains: “Our mainstay herd of Old English Dairy Shorthorns and our partner farm’s Beef Shorthorns are excellent converters of grass to protein. They are traditional cattle that are working in harmony with the soil. Our pigs are all indigenous breeds and our favoured Oxford Sandy and Black is the true allrounder, exceptional fat layers that only build with a slow-grown outdoor busy pig. Right across the species we farm a core of rare traditional breeds that are often forgotten in the modern food world.”

Ultimately, Eight at Gazegill is the marriage and culinary celebration of traditional and nature-led farming practice with the masterful kitchen experience and skill that Doug Crampton brings to the pass: “This is not just a restaurant,” says Ian. “It is a celebration of enduring legacy, where each dish tells a story of the farm’s heritage that is perfectly designed, matched and orchestrated by Doug.”

Former head chef at James Martin in Manchester, Doug started his career in Leeds as a sous chef before a trip down the M62 to James Martins’ Manchester235 restaurant. Doug has worked alongside James Martin since the restaurant’s launch in 2013 to produce a menu which offers a mix of classic British cuisine.

With Doug’s knowledge and passion for local, seasonal and organic food, combined with the commitment to sustainable and nature-led farming at Gazegill the collaboration is the perfect pairing: “We are really excited to show customers what we have been working on over the last few months,” says Ian.

“Eight at Gazegill by Doug Crampton will be a celebration of great organic meat and local artisan producers whilst championing sustainability, quality and an accessible, welcoming restaurant for all,” Ian adds.

Prior to opening fully in Spring 2024 Gazegill held some special one-off taster evenings throughout December which, unsurprisingly, sold out quickly! More events are planned for January and February so watch this space.

The name Eight evolved as the restaurant project did, Ian explains: “The shape of our oak octagon became key to every aspect of the build – it also became our largest challenge fitting everything into very awkward corners. We had to maintain maximum aspect views alongside a space that affords a window of our greatest asset, our land and nature. As we celebrate our soil, we were reminded of the eight festivals of the pagan calendar and the name Eight just felt right, it grew on us and Eight was born!”

The new restaurant is the perfect collaboration between nature-led farming and culinary excellence: “Welcome to the dining experience that has a conscious obligation to nature and a creative dedication in the kitchen,” adds Ian. “Welcome to Eight at Gazegill by Doug Crampton.”

Lower Gazegill Farm
Dancer Lane, Rimington
Clitheroe BB7 4EE
01200 445519



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