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Expert hair stylist Cass Preston is expanding her specialist portfolio of services and has opened a medical hair loss clinic, writes Gail Bailey

Cass Preston has a wealth of experience in the hairdressing industry and is using her knowledge and expertise to help those suffering the devastation that hair loss can cause.

“Twelve years ago I trained with Trevor Sorbie in wig cutting,” explains Cass. “But I have noticed in recent years that clients who are experiencing hair loss are often given ill-fitting wigs, in a colour that doesn’t suit – and it can have a truly negative impact on them, at a difficult time.”

This led Cass, who also owns Lusso in Whalley, to open her fabulous new studio, The Volume Clinic, based in the Ribble Valley. Here she is able to offer a bespoke one-to-one service to discuss a client’s needs and ensure they leave feeling as if they have regained their natural hair and have the confidence to face the world again.

Hair loss can be for a myriad of reasons, often as a result of chemotherapy or radiotherapy during cancer treatment, alopecia, hormone treatments or it can even be genetic. Whatever the cause it is incredibly distressing for the person involved.

“At The Volume Clinic we have a wide range of wigs that are produced from either human hair or synthetic. I work with a fantastic company called My New Hair and only offer the very best products,” Cass explains. “During the consultation we discuss style, image, colour match and can then order a selection of wigs from our suppliers in the UK and Europe, which arrive quickly. Clients are then able to spend time selecting the one they are most happy with. The service is very personal, and we will spend as much time with someone as they need.”

It isn’t only wigs that Cass works with at the hair loss clinic: “We supply an innovative alternative to wigs known as a mesh integration system. This is perfect for clients searching for a semi-permanent hair loss solution. The product is attached to the clients existing hair and creates thickness and volume from the top. It’s ideal for those who have very fine hair but for whom extensions are not a solution,” says Cass.

This mesh system is custom-made and colour-matched to the hair, achieving a seamless, natural appearance. The mesh used is hypoallergenic and breathable, which means that the system will remain comfortable and feel just the same as natural hair would.

“The mesh integration system creates a remarkable change,” Cass says. “As hair grows the system is tightened between four and six weeks, and after three months we would replace the whole system to keep it looking healthy and fresh – with no impact on the client’s natural hair growth.”

Cass has a very caring and friendly approach and is committed to ensuring The Volume Clinic gives those suffering hair loss or thinning hair, access to a completely private and personal service.

For clients who are not comfortable attending a busy hair salon, and for those shielding, Cass is also offering hairdressing services at The Volume Clinic

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