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Your home is your unique space and this super-talented design team will ensure your interiors are as individual as you are, writes Kate Ford

Whether buying a brand-new home, undertaking a large-scale renovation or embarking on a complete refurbishment, changing where you live is a substantial investment. If you’re to benefit fully from that investment, you need to make sure the interiors are as stylish, original and functional as the bricks and mortar are robust.

“Your home’s interior is an extension of your personality and individuality,” says Alisa Bowen, creative director of Inside Studio in Preston. “If your home reflects your personality and is designed to work for you practically, it will always be a place which makes you happy.”

Alisa and her team specialise in high value residential property transformations, usually focused on large scale renovation projects, extensions, barn conversions and similar. She is also an expert in bespoke interiors for new build projects, often working off plan. Her service includes everything from space layout, lighting designs and furniture sourcing, to the finer details of accessorising.

“I believe we have unparalleled trade and supplier contacts,” says Alisa. “When it comes to furniture and furnishings, we’ve hand-picked the very best from Europe and beyond, and our excellent trading relationships mean that clients can access unique items of exceptional quality, at a price they wouldn’t be able to secure for themselves.”

When embarking on a project, the first thing Alisa does is meet her clients to find out as much about them as she can. Whilst she’ll also assess the space in question, the most important thing is getting to know a client’s personality and what they hope to achieve from the space. Only then, will the final design truly reflect their hopes and dreams.

Luckily, Alisa is a natural reader of people and her proposals are often met with more than a degree of surprise, as clients marvel at her genius ability to deliver designs which embody their unique style and aspirations.

Alisa is talking to me from her design studio based within a converted coach house in the centre of Preston. Although the space has been renovated to accommodate this multi-talented team, it has retained much of its original character. “It’s a quirky space, a very creative space,” smiles Alisa. “Clients often comment that there’s a real ‘buzz’ around the studio and that’s perfect for generating ideas.”

The studio features a dedicated presentation room with a large screen for showing clients the design ideas for their homes and all the material samples. “We often use computer-generated, 3D, photo-realistic images which enable clients to clearly see how their rooms will look once the project has been completed.”

If you’re considering a large building or renovation project, Alisa and her team can work alongside your chosen contractor to ensure the completed scheme is co-ordinated down to the finest detail. “It’s a great benefit to involve us from the earliest stages, so we can make sure everything – layout, furniture and in particular lighting – is absolutely right. Nothing is overlooked, it is the complete service.

“I think what sets us apart is that our business is small enough to be personal, whilst experienced and equipped to take care of multi-million-pound projects.”

Talking to Alisa, it becomes clear that, above all else, she really wants to make her clients happy. “People deserve happiness, comfort and a little bit of luxury. They deserve to work with people they trust and who are passionate about what they do.

“I feel privileged that clients let me into their homes, and I will never tire of seeing how happy they are when they achieve their finished space. I like to think that, with their interiors designed by us, our clients will always look forward to going home.”

Inside Studio
The Coach House
5 East Cliff, Preston PR1 3JE
01772 200727



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