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A group of local businesses have come together to form a new network, Love Longridge, and need your help in putting their wonderful town firmly on the map, writes Gail Bailey

More and more of us are now keen to support our local businesses and communities, and a newly formed constitution, Love Longridge, is working hard to raise the profile of their fabulous market town: “Longridge has a wonderful array of shops, businesses, galleries, restaurants and cafes,” explains Gary Ward of Raymond James Investment Services in the town. “The purpose of Love Longridge is to bring them together, along with members of the community, and embrace all that is so brilliant about Longridge.”

Set in glorious countryside, the market town commands some amazing views and scenery. From the top of Longridge Fell it is possible to see the Welsh mountains, the Isle of Man, the Yorkshire Three Peaks and across the local valleys.

“There are already various local companies involved in Love Longridge who are working to develop the town and combine the success of business and the community. If local businesses succeed, then the community succeeds also,” says Gary.

Some of those businesses explained why they wanted to be involved with Love Longridge.

Alistair Sherat from Longridge Gallery said: “There are a number of really great businesses in Longridge across many business sectors – construction, professional services, manufacturing, food and retail. The formation of the business group is a response to the needs of these businesses to attract customers, locally, regionally and nationally. Small businesses struggle to be heard in a cluttered media landscape. The combined weight this group brings will help the town and its businesses stand out from the crowd and highlight the reasons why our town is unique, interesting, progressive and worth customers exploring its businesses.”

This was echoed by Angela Bartley of 828 Law in the town: “I have lived in Longridge all my life and was always going to set up my business here. I am really keen to help to continue the growth of the town and to help local businesses thrive – it is so important we all work and support each other, especially after the last 12 months and the impact Covid has had on many businesses.”

Crisp White Sheets owner Zoe Cooper had previously been involved in a networking business and was immediately keen to be a part of Love Longridge and support getting the town more recognised on the local map.

“When I was looking where to re-locate to it was the vibrancy of independent shops and businesses that attracted me to the town. It is a great place to live and to work and I’m so glad to be involved in this new group and excited about some of the ideas and plans we are already starting to develop,” explains Zoe.

Love Longridge has members from a variety of businesses and across a range of ages and experience. They are all driven by the same goals, to increase tourists visiting the area, to encourage local residents to stay and shop in their town and to support the businesses themselves to stay healthy and profitable.

Others so far signed up to the venture are Fitness Plus Gym, Lancslocal, EGP UK, McDade Roberts, Tonic Acupuncture and Phil Garlington Photography.

“We are still a newly formed constitution and are calling out for others to join us, volunteer and get involved in our vision,” Gary says. “Our new website is being launched and there will be a link on it for businesses or individuals to join. We all have the same crystal-clear objective to increase, develop and improve Longridge – for everyone.”

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