Celebrating 25 Years As Part Of The Community!

Francesca Saunders talks to John Ainscough, owner and founder of Holden Wood Antiques, about what it means to him to have been in business for 25 years

Holden Wood Antiques, a vibrant and popular antiques centre situated in the peaceful Rossendale Valley, is celebrating 25 years of business. “It’s a privilege to have been open for so long and have such long standing relationships with our customers,” says owner John Ainscough. Housed in a beautiful Grade 2 listed church close to Haslingden, the antiques centre is the perfect place for a spot of treasure hunting. Whether you’re interested in buying or selling, the friendly antique experts are always on hand for advice.

With a community of both regular and new customers, the antiques centre is more than just a shop, but a place where people can spend time browsing and socialising, sharing their love of antiques with other customers. John explains: “It’s wonderful we are open again after the lengthy restrictions, people have missed social interactions and the nature of our business is very social. We have become a part of peoples lives, as a place for them to meet and share in their common interest.”

Holden Wood Antiques also hosts a traditional tea room serving delicious home-made food. It’s a great place to relax and discuss your findings. If you have the time there are some stunning walks right on the doorstep of the beautiful church making it the perfect day out.

So, what does the future look like for Holden Wood Antiques… John tells us: “People have always coveted a unique statement piece for their homes, but antiques are a growing trend with the new generation of homemakers. Consumers are increasingly becoming concerned with being eco-friendly and as such purchasing pre-owned objects and furniture is on the rise.

“Our family of customers keeps growing. People buy antiques because they’re not mass produced, not made by machine and there’s no great use of plastics. The quality and durability of antiques is also a big attraction. If an antique has survived 100 years, it’s more likely to survive the next 100 years rather than something cheaply made and fresh off the shelf.”

The team at Holden Wood Antiques are always on the lookout for new items, so if you have anything that you think may be of interest, or you fancy browsing what’s already on offer, Holden Wood Antiques is definitely worth a visit.

Holden Wood Antiques
Grane Road, Haslingden BB4 4AT
01706 830803



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