While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, they are unrivalled when set in an exclusive ring designed just for you

New Year engagements are the most romantic occasions – that sparkling diamond ring on your finger marking a new and exciting chapter in your life together. But where to choose a ring that is totally unique to you as a couple?

At Leonard Dews they have a bespoke service that lets you design your ring from scratch, choosing the loose stone, the cut, the clarity and weight along with a mount in yellow, white, rose gold or platinum.

“While we have always provided this service, having a bespoke ring made just for you has really taken off in the past couple of years, becoming much more popular,” explains diamond buyer, Jenna Szrieber.

“We have found there is an increasing number of couples wanting to choose their own diamond, which makes it particularly special. They want something a bit different.”

Working to your personal budget, Jenna and the team at Leonard Dews can advise on each component of the ring.

“Often brides-to-be have a very clear vision of what they want and I think partners find it a really special experience to be able to put everything together to create the dream ring. There is a story behind each ring we sell – a bespoke piece is such a talking point.”

While the process may seem daunting, Leonard Dews know just how to bring your vision to life. One of the first things a couple will be asked when they visit Leonard Dews is what shape of diamond they are looking for, and while brilliant is a classic option, emerald, princess and marquise are not far behind.

“It can be quite a difficult choice as a bride may have seen a shape that she has set her heart on and when she actually tries a similar ring on her finger it may not look how she imagined. We will always discuss what shapes they like giving them several options to try.”

Leonard Dews recently had a client who wanted a classic, oval shaped diamond: “She tried on the ring and, while she liked it, she didn’t love it!” recalls Jenna.

“She really did have her heart set on an oval shape, so we went back to the drawing board and sourced a few diamonds for her to look at.”

“This particular client wanted a large stone, but did have a budget to consider, so we needed to be mindful of the fact that the larger you go, the more she would have to compromise on colour, clarity and quality. This was something she wanted to avoid, so I suggested she tried on a marquise cut which is slightly more elongated, giving the illusion of a larger stone, and that’s what she went for – there were no compromises on quality and the ring really made an impact – it suited her perfectly!”

Jenna, who is highly experienced when advising clients on the cut, clarity, colour and carat of a diamond, adds: “With any budget, no matter how large or small, we always source the very best. In this particular instance we sourced a beautiful marquise stone that the customer fell in love with, to her original colour and clarity specification.

Leonard Dews sources all their loose diamonds from prestigious GIA and IGI certified UK-based suppliers: “We are able to get the very best quality to suit our clients’ style of ring and of course to suit their budget.”

While diamond solitaires set in white metals continue to be the classic choice for engagement rings, Leonard Dews have seen a marked increase in rose gold, three stone styles and coloured stone rings: “Not in the classic sense though,” says Jenna. “They may be emerald cut with trapeze diamond shoulders, sapphire centre stones or vintage-looking halo rings.”

“We have seen an increase in matching engagement rings for two ladies and even wide wedding bands set with diamonds for men’s engagement rings.”

Once a couple have chosen the engagement ring, the wedding band is the next choice and while Leonard Dews has a collection of beautiful rings in store, like the bespoke engagement rings, the wedding bands can be exclusively made to order.

“For more unusual engagement rings, it can be tricky to sit a wedding band comfortably, so we take a mould of the ring and design a wedding band to fit perfectly next to it.”

All of the exclusively created rings have the prestigious LD Leonard Dews stamp and secret hidden diamond on the inside of the band – so the wearer knows that their particular ring has been made especially for them.

Thanks to the bespoke nature of each ring that Leonard Dews creates, brides-to-be can opt for almost anything, as Jenna concludes: “Each engagement ring is special, there is no rule book, and anything goes. Each bride is different and that’s why we’re so lucky to do what we do.”

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