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Gisburne Park Estate is owned and managed by Guy Hindley and his wife Amber, who are converting it into a thriving tourist destination

As I try to think about the highs and lows of the past month and what we’ve got planned on the estate, it all seems inconsequential given the horrific events in Ukraine. One thing it does do is drive home how lucky we all are living in the Ribble Valley in such a peaceful and tranquil part of the world.

Amber and I are working hard to finalise the plan for the hotel, spa and members’ club. We have toured the country looking at lots of spectacular hotels and resorts and believe we will have a scheme in the very near future.

I am pleased to say Hindelini’s is currently hitting its mission statement with flying colours. Our aim is to create a fun atmosphere and cook the classics using local, high quality, Lancashire produce while maintaining an exciting, seasonal and varied specials board to keep everyone interested. All menus will be published on

We have introduced the Thursday Club which so far this year has welcomed a number of live performances as well as some very entertaining quiz and bingo nights. Please note coming up is a St Patrick’s day party with live music from the amazing Hayley Eccles. Also, at the end of this month we have a brand-new Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea, which will include some fun activities around the estate. Everything that is planned for the restaurant will all be published on our various social media channels and the Hindelinis website.

As far as lodge sales are concerned, sales are flying and we are really enjoying welcoming new owners to the estate. Our bespoke lodges start at around £240,000 and come from Lissett Lodges, probably the best manufacturer in the UK. We are excited to announce that we have ordered five more units all to come in the first half of 2022. If you are interested in a custom-built home on Gisburne Park Estate my brother-in-law, Charlie, will give you a private tour and answer any questions you may have.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that we are planning an August Bank Holiday weekend festival on the estate. For more information sign up on our website for updates.

Gisburne Park Estate
Mill Lane, Gisburn BB7 4LP
01200 415300



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