Festive Firs

Cut Christmas trees have been a festive favourite in Britain since the 1830s, Michael Cookson, owner of Newgate Nurseries, guides us through his best-selling trees

The original Christmas tree and the most scented. Be warned this tree sheds its needles so either bring inside late or get your hoover ready.

A beautiful pine fragrance combined with good needle retention makes this an excellent choice.

This slim non-drop tree is the only option for those with a tight space to fill. Blue/silver needles with a mild fragrance.

The most popular cut Christmas tree due to its outstanding needle retention, deep green foliage and traditional shape. This tree can be quite wide though so be prepared to give it some space.

Living trees with roots grown in containers are available in all the above varieties as well as Blue and Serbian Spruce but are smaller versions.

How to keep it fresh
• De net your tree and keep outside until you’re ready to get festive
• Bang the tree on the floor, allowing needles to shed and cut the bottom 2cm off the trunk and soak base in water
• Don’t place near fires or radiators
• Place in a stand that allows you to add water to keep hydrated
• Living trees need to be brought indoors late, water regularly, then repot in John Innes ericaceous compost and keep outside after Christmas.

Pick your tree online: newgatenurseries.co.uk



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