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Emma Pearce, founder and director of EMA Cosmetic Beauty Clinic, tells us why her Plasma Pen treatments are proving so popular with clients near and far

Most would agree the ideal beauty treatment would help us turn back the clock without being invasive and while still looking like ourselves – just a fresher, firmer version! This is exactly what Emma Pearce, founder and director of EMA Cosmetic Beauty Clinic, is offering clients with her Plasma Pen treatments, with incredible results.

A much sought-after aesthetic skin specialist with over 18 years’ professional experience, Emma’s clients travel to her clinic from across Lancashire, Liverpool, Manchester and London. “I have clients coming from London because they want Harley Street quality treatments without the expense,” Emma says. “My treatments are the best available anywhere, but without London prices.”

The most popular Plasma treatments currently are the lower face and neck, due to the verbal advertisements and recommendations off her clients following the treatment. “I have achieved results with Plasma Pen that have been truly life-changing for my clients. It can target any problem areas and results have exceeded all expectations! It is fantastic for tightening and erasing sagging jowls, turkey necks, marionnette lines, smile and smokers lines around the lips, crows feet, puffy eyes, drooping eyelids and chest lines. It’s the number one treatment for anti-ageing available,” Emma explains.

“The Plasma Pen is a non-invasive procedure which tightens the skin, providing results which last up to three years. It allows me to target precise areas of the skin needing help, by rebuilding and strengthening the skin’s scaffolding to as it was in youthful years, hence it being accurately described as ‘turning back the clock’. It stimulates collagen and elastin production, for dramatic results which keep improving as the weeks go by,” Emma says.

“There’s absolutely no need to resort to surgery, we can achieve the same results from just one or two Plasma treatments,” says Emma. “It’s virtually pain-free with minimal downtime. Often only one treatment is needed and I have yet to have a client who isn’t completely delighted with the results.”

Plasma Pen treatments start at £250 per area. Emma is offering Live readers £175 off the price of each area until 18th November 2019, an amazing saving that will not be repeated!

“I had my lower face Plasma treatment at EMA and have seen great results in skin tightening and line reduction. It’s my 70th birthday this month, yet my family who live abroad recently said I look younger now than I did in my 30s, so I’m delighted with my Plasma results.”
Christina Knowles
“Really happy with Plasma Pen results. Emma is very professional and knowledgeable and puts you at your ease. Lovely clean, stylish premises and Emma is always willing to answer any questions and give advice on follow-up care. I’m certainly booking another area in soon.”
Julie Winrow

EMA Cosmetic Beauty Clinic
Upstairs at Toni & Guy
86 Fishergate, Preston PR1 2NJ
07547 802062



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