Keep children’s rooms neat and tidy with these clever storage solutions that look great whatever the setting

Looking for smart ways to organise your child’s room? At Noa and Nani, the team are dedicated to providing families with thoughtful, functional and gorgeous furniture. Intelligent storage solutions and multi-functional pieces that serve yours and your children’s changing needs is their speciality. Noa and Nani’s smart and stylish storage solutions strike the perfect balance between form and function and result in hard-working furniture that stands the test of time.

Children’s rooms are packed full of toys, games and books, so it’s essential you have smart storage that keeps their rooms spick and span while still leaving plenty of space to play. This is a collection of cleverly designed storage items that have been created to complement the exciting range of children’s beds and furniture.

The display shelf bookcase is one of the best selling storage solutions for your child’s bedroom. It features two shelves with protective panels that are perfect for keeping your little one’s favourite toys and books safe. Crafted from pine and available in a white or grey finish, the shelves have a fresh and modern design that will complement a wide range of decor. The shelves are perfect for hanging above Noa and Nani’s snazzy white or grey cabin beds, they ensure all of your children’s favourite items are easily accessible as well as keeping their bedroom tidy – what parent doesn’t want that?

Then there is the super cool, space-savvy under bed cube shelving unit. This smart shelving unit fits perfectly underneath the cabin bed while still leaving plenty of room for having fun – perfect!

When friends come round to stay and play, you don’t need to worry about lugging this shelving unit around, it’s four sturdy castor wheels offer seamless glide-ability – phew! Whichever way the cube is utilised, it’s guaranteed to brighten up that under-bed area and promotes a clean, tidy and chic look.

The smart design of these storage solutions means they look fantastic in any room in the home, from the children’s room to the living room and even the bathroom! The display book shelf and the cube shelving unit will provide essential and stylish storage where ever you choose to use them. Perfect!

From your children’s bedroom to the bathroom these clever storage units provide busy families with a stylish way to keep homes tidy.



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