Get your Garden Summer Ready

Now is the time to be thinking of getting your garden ready for the months ahead. Despite the cold weather, there are still things you can be doing to get your garden summer ready writes Tracy Hargreaves

As well as filling your garden with plants and flowers, look at what other things you can do to enhance your garden. Don’t underestimate the transformative ability of artificial lighting when it comes to helping set a scene. In much the same way that you might use different light circuits in an interior, engage the same thought process for your outdoor space. Lighting is a great way to bring your garden to life at night.

If you have a greenhouse, give it a clean. Replace any broken glass, wash the inside and outside to remove moss that will have built up over the year, to make sure you let as much light in as possible. Sweep out any plant debris and give your plant pots a wash.

Have a think about what you want to see in your garden this year and order any bulbs or seeds you might want for the summer. Prune any shrubs back to encourage new growth. Dig out your weeds, but don’t put them on the compost heap, throw them in the bin so they don’t start to grow. Turn over your beds and add in any mulch or fertiliser to make sure your soil is healthy for new plants.

Check your fences, sheds, gates and trellis to see if they have been damaged by the winter weather and repair or repaint them. There are so many different designs of gates and fencing that can also act as a backdrop to your trees, plants and shrubs. Not only that, but exterior paint comes in all sorts of colours to lift your garden.

Jet wash your patio and driveway to remove fungus, dirt and grime, so they don’t become slippy and tidy up any borders.

Don’t plant anything outside due to frosts still being around until May. If you are starting any plants off, grow by seed inside until they are strong enough to transfer.

Scarify your lawn to make sure air is getting through to it and stop it from becoming water-logged.

Check over your garden furniture. Does it need a repaint or oiling? If it’s plastic, give it a wash down and then keep covered to protect. If you are planning to stay at home this summer, then it may be worthwhile investing in a good patio set so you can eat alfresco. Add a gazebo or pergola for that finishing touch.

If you have been keeping a compost heap, make sure you turn it over. It will make excellent mulch for your soil.

Don’t wait until the weather is nice before you start out in the garden, there’s still plenty to do and when the nice weather comes it will be an opportunity for you to sit and enjoy your efforts.



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