Glowing Skin Is Always In: Bridal Edit

The foundation of a glowing, flawless look starts with healthy skin

A favourite of red-carpet celebrities, The Doctor & Company clinic in Whalley can create a bespoke skincare and treatment package in the run-up to your big day.

These popular and effective pre-wedding treatments will get your skin in tip-top condition, so you look and feel your best:

• Forma: A radiofrequency treatment, which is long-lasting and non-invasive. Radio frequency stimulates the formation of new collagen while improving skin elasticity. The energy is capable of targeting deeper layers of the skin while being a pain-free treatment along with zero downtime. This has been a really popular treatment for the clinic’s celebrity clients looking for a quick lift before a big event. A course of six, one each week, leading up to the wedding, is recommended.

• AquaPure: This popular treatment is beneficial for most skin types, even sensitive skin as it is fully customisable to each individual’s skin concerns. It targets uneven skin tone, congested pores, excess oil, dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles. It boosts collagen production to leave the skin clean, refreshed, brighter and plumper. Results can be seen after one treatment.

• Dermal filler: From profile balancing to anti-ageing, discrete efficient injections can leave you looking more confident and a great version of you on those candid images.

Consultations and advice regarding pre-wedding treatment is essential. All skin consultations at The Doctor & Company start with digital imagery using a specialist, high-tech skin scanner. This shows exactly what your overall skin health is like beneath the surface. From there, Dr Natalie and her team of experts can assess your skin concerns and advise on different treatment options suitable for your personal needs.


The Doctor & Company opened their doors to around 50 VIPs, made up of their loyal patients last month to celebrate not only the launch of two new treatments, but also to celebrate their two-year anniversary in Whalley.

The clinic is headed up by Dr Natalie Walsh, MbCHb, who also holds clinics in Harley Street, London and Manchester. She began the evening by introducing two new treatments, Lyft & Lite and EyeTite, alongside a demonstration of injectables for a full-face rejuvenation.

Charlotte demonstrated the clinic’s Morpheus8 treatment, answered questions and helped calm any nerves about the treatment.

Kim discussed skincare and new products that will help enhance patients’ skin health.

Alongside this champagne and sushi from Hitchens Kitchen was served. Everyone received personalised gift bags, alongside our SPF toiletry bags, a product sample and some goodies from local businesses, including Delilah Chloe and Canax.

The Doctor & Company
85 King Street, Whalley BB7 9SW
01200 871227



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