Going For Golf

Spring is the primary season to get outdoors and onto that golf course (if it eventually stops raining)

Whilst golf can be played all year round, spring is the time when the weather is warmer and the lighter nights mean you can play for longer.

There’s no better place than in our own region and Lancashire has some of the best golf courses, including the renowned links course, the Royal Lytham St Annes, which has hosted the prestigious Open Tournament 11 times.

Whether you are just looking for a leisurely stroll around a course or wanting something more challenging, there will be a golf course for you. And if you haven’t played before but fancy giving it a go, some golf clubs offer taster lessons to see if it’s for you.

Golf is one of the oldest sports around yet is still increasing in popularity. More women are taking up golf, along with younger people and in Asia it is fast becoming the game of choice*.

So why does it continue to grow? It’s a great form of exercise and being outside increases our vitamin B intake, so keeps us fit and healthy. It’s a game that can be played solo, in couples or in teams, by pretty much anyone of all abilities. And it’s keeping up with the times. Whilst it is still seen as a traditional game, it is, in fact, keeping up with the times with the use of apps and technology being used to analyse and perfect your swing, putt, and game.

Give golf a go.

*HSBC report 2020



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