Have You Got An Antique?

How many of you have been given an item from a family member, found something in the loft when you’ve moved to a new house or kept something because you think it might be valuable? Chances are most of us! Photography: Wozzie Shutterstock.com

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Most of us keep something because we like it, despite knowing its history, others keep for sentimental value. But how would you know if it is worth anything financially?

With the increase in popularity in TV programmes such as Salvage Hunters, where the presenter travels the country, including some privileged estates, as he hunts for old and forgotten pieces of history, trying to convince the owner of each item to sell it to him at a fair price, to Bargain Hunt, Dickinson’s Real Deal and Pawn Stars, not to mention the long standing Antiques Roadshow, you never know what you might have hiding somewhere in the house or outbuilding.

In the first instance, try and find out a little about the history of your item. Ask family and friends if they know anything about it. Always look to see if there are any hallmarks to specify who it might have been made by and in what year. Look at what it’s made of and if there are any specific characteristics. What type of wood and design can often indicate which century it was made in.

Porcelain can be difficult with so many designs, but it’s a good idea to check that they aren’t fake or replicas.

Like with anything take it to an expert to double check and now here’s your chance. Antiques Roadshow is one of BBC One’s most popular programmes, regularly watched by more than six million people and it is coming to film at Lytham Hall on the Fylde Coast on Tuesday 11th June.

Presented by Fiona Bruce, the roadshow brings together a team of the country’s leading authorities on arts and antiques to offer free valuations for your family heirlooms or car boot bargains. You are welcome to just turn up on the day, but you can also let them know in advance about any special items by emailing: shareyourstory@bbc.co.uk.

Entry to the show is free, everyone is welcome, and no tickets or pre-registration is required. The roadshow opens at 9.30am and last entry is 5pm.

If you have something which you think could have a history or is valuable, it might be worth popping along. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find out.

Lytham Hall
Ballam Road
Lytham Saint Annes FY8 4JX



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