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This month Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans visits Derian House, features his home village of Pendleton on TV and attends a celebratory party in the Speaker’s apartments

Over the years I have had many Ribble Valley interns work for the odd week or so in my office and Robbie Macpherson, who is from Longridge and studying at Sheffield University, certainly put me through my paces on climate change issues, which he is passionate about. Our future and that of the planet will be safe in his hands.

I visited Derian House in Chorley which gives care for youngsters with a huge number of heart-breaking conditions. I was able to see first-hand the amazing care that staff give these youngsters and the fun that they put into their lives, both at the hospice and to countless youngsters in their homes. Congratulations to David Robinson and the team for all they do.

A surprise party for Ribble Valley resident David Alton at the Speaker’s apartments was a fantastic event. David even cut a cake to mark his 40 years in Parliament. You will not find a nicer or more genuine person in Westminster who continues to speak out against injustices for vulnerable people at home and abroad.

I loved my visit to the Outbarn at Clough Bottom in Bashall Eaves to celebrate David and Alison’s wedding. The food was amazing and local talented artist Arthur Geldard sang some wonderful songs, which got all the guests into the right mood for a glorious day. Check out his Youtube channel for a real treat! The views from the dining hall at the Outbarn are superb.

I would also like to thank those councillors who have served our area on the local authority for their service over the past four years. As is the case with politics there are winners and losers and sadly all too often great councillors pay the price for how their party is rated nationally. But can I congratulate all the newly elected councillors and wish them well as they dedicate a large part of their lives to our area and I’d like to thank those retiring councillors for their contribution which is very much valued.

I managed to get Pendleton on national news recently talking about the ‘B’ word. It’s great seeing the broadcasters coming to the Ribble Valley and even if no one listened to a word I said, the Valley and my village was shown off in its very best light as the sun shone during our great Bank Holiday Jazz Festival.

Finally, I’d like to congratulate Harry and Meghan on the birth of their baby boy. It wasn’t long ago since we were all toasting their marriage and this will be a great tonic to Her Majesty to see another great grandchild coming into her life. I remember speaking to her about Prince William’s first child and she beamed a smile that every gran knows, it speaks a million words.

So, at a time when the news is top heavy on drudge, my monthly column is all about congratulations and thanks. There are a lot of good things out there and it’s a shame they are often drowned out by the bad. When we see something happening that’s good let’s give it an extra cheer so people know that their work and good deeds are really appreciated!



Tedd Walmsley

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