Instant Gardening

What you plant in your garden can completely transform it, from a dull, overlooked space, to a private, colourful haven

Need an instant evergreen screen to block off an unsightly view or a pair of large topiary spirals to enhance your entrance? Then Newgate Nurseries Preston is the place to come. For years owner Michael Cookson has prided himself on the nursery’s vast range of home-grown hardy plants which, they continue to grow today. However, in recent years he has noticed a new demand.

“With more and more houses being built, we are finding a huge demand for instant evergreen plants to disguise over-looking properties. We are also finding a greater demand for more established plants generally.”

Whilst Newgate Nurseries still grows most of its own plants on site, Michael has started sourcing extra-large specimens from around Europe. “We source many of our instant hedging stock from Belgium and Holland, whilst all other specimens are grown in Tuscany.

“I travel to Europe twice a year to select the stock for the season ahead. They specialise in growing large plants as they have more daylight hours and a longer growing season.”

Newgate Nurseries is now bursting with stock for this spring, whether you want a 2.5m instant laurel hedge, some Tuscany topiary or just some instant colour!



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