It Could Be Closer

Than You Think

If you thought that modern slavery or human trafficking was something that doesn’t happen near you or even in the UK, then you are very much mistaken

A group from Preston are going all out as part of a fundraising event to help fight modern slavery. Eight members of the Preston Hope for Justice Abolition Group will be walking up the 235ft summit of The Big One rollercoaster in Blackpool Pleasure Beach in October to raise money for the charity.

One of those taking part, Jennifer Tidy from Bamber Bridge, 32, said: “I am taking part because I want to live in a world free from slavery. I am not prepared to stand by and do nothing while this barbaric exploitation and abuse carries on, and so wanted to commit my efforts to fundraising for freedom with Hope for Justice.”

The walk is just a number of events planned over the coming months. In fact, the Preston Abolition Group won an award this year for its commitment at the Hope for Justice’s annual conference.

Hope for Justice is an international human rights organisation dedicated to combating all forms of human trafficking. They work alongside police, government agencies, social services and other organisations that are fighting this terrible trade. Hope for Justice is a global charity working in the UK, USA, Cambodia, Norway, Cambodia and Ethiopia.

The charity has pioneered a model for gathering intelligence and removing victims from exploitation that would otherwise never be reached. Hope for Justice build bridges of trust as an independent NGO and facilitates freedom by intervening victims in cases either for themselves or through partnership with local police.

Its work is supported by scores of voluntary Abolition Groups, including the Preston Abolition Group, which support the charity’s life-changing projects through fundraising, campaigning and awareness-raising in their communities.

Modern slavery is a huge problem in our society today, it is estimated that there are 24.9 million people in forced labour, sexual exploitation and domestic servitude worldwide. Hope for Justice exist to bring an end to modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society.

Modern slavery can be prevalent across a range of industries, including food and manufacturing, hotels, catering, beauty and car washes to name just a few.

“People don’t think it’s happening right here in Lancashire,” said Jennifer. But it could be happening right next door to you and you wouldn’t necessarily be aware. We ask for members of the public’s support in spotting the signs and reporting what they see.”

There’s lots of information on the Hope for Justice website about modern slavery, including how to spot the signs of human trafficking, downloadable resources and how to report a concern.

Anyone interested in joining Preston Abolition Group can email Jennifer at:



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