Laid Back Living

As we get older, we all want to continue with the best quality of life possible

As we age we realise that we need to adapt to our changing bodies. They don’t always function like they used to and we have to be prepared to accept that. But the good news is as we are living longer our quality of life is getting better and there are now more facilities available to us than ever before.

Take retirement living. Many now are their own little luxury villages where people can have their own apartments, which have been built with the audience in mind. Wider doors for wheelchair access, plug sockets at accessible height, easy access around the site and with many having gardens or ponds, allowing people to have their independence, yet have services on tap such as meals prepared, trips out, cinema, hairdresser and cleaners, without having to leave the comfort of their complex.

If you don’t want to live on a complex there are sites, such as Woodland Park in Garstang, where you can purchase your own lodges and take advantage of the quiet, tranquil environment, but still get to know your neighbours should you wish to. These make great places to retire to.

Retirement living on a site such as this can also combat loneliness, which can happen as you get older and less able to leave the house, as there are always like-minded people around to socialise with and support you.

If you are more in need of assisted living so you can still live independently, a quick assessment and a look at your lifestyle will soon make it clear how much care you need – if you are living at home it may well be that a package of care can be formulated alongside installing adaptations to suit you and your home.

Alternatively, if you require a more intense package that includes making meals, personal care, help with mobility or major home adaptations, advice is always available. Care packages can be ultimately flexible and suited to your personal budget, as can home adaptation projects.

As you are getting older, embrace life and enjoy it to the full and take advantage of all the great facilities and services on offer. Being happy and feeling safe where you live is important.



Tedd Walmsley

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