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If you find yourself with some money put aside, this team of experts can guide you through the property investment route to wealth acquisition writes Kate Ford. Photography: Roger Moore

The financial pages and the many websites devoted to money management are full of suggestions for where you should invest your hard earned or recently inherited cash. In these increasingly volatile times, though, there is another way for you to achieve wealth through your investments, and it happens to be right on your doorstep.

Property investment is one of the most stable and reliable choices when it comes to wealth management, and the team at Flagship North Investments, in Preston, are ideally placed to guide you through this process. With a wealth of experience and local knowledge, MD Matthew Knowles and operations manager, Rachel Suthers, provide a bespoke service tailored to individual clients’ needs.

“Property is an extremely stable investment,” says Matthew. “Housing will always be in demand and therefore holds its value over time, giving it a clear advantage over riskier stocks and shares.”

“Property investment offers capital growth over time and can provide a long-term income, which brings its own benefits to the client in terms of security and lifestyle.”

Despite the relatively risk-free nature of property investment, it’s a route to wealth still overlooked by many, possibly because they’re unsure how to approach it. “That’s where we come in,” says Matthew. “As a premium property sourcing business, we can take on the whole project for our clients.”

Flagship North will first establish exactly what a potential client hopes to achieve from their investment. An initial strategy discussion leads to a face-to-face meeting where a tailored plan is agreed. Whether it’s a one-off refurbishment project or a long-term plan to build a full property portfolio, the team are well placed to turn dreams into reality.

“We use our wide network to take clients right through the process, enabling them to sit back whilst we manage everything,” says Matthew. “Using the client’s criteria, we’ll source the ideal property and oversee the conveyancing process, right up to completion.”

If a client is buying a property with an aim to refurbish it and sell it on at a higher price, Flagship North can assist there too. Matthew explains: “We have a professional refurbishment arm to the business which means we can assist with refurbishing a property, to a strict timescale with a view to a quick resale.”

Matthew and Rachel know Lancashire very well and are perfectly placed to help you take the first steps on the property investment ladder. “Preston really is an up-and-coming city with so much growth and many excellent investment opportunities,” says Rachel. “We offer free, no obligation advice, so anyone with money to invest should contact us to explore the opportunities.”

So, whether you’re looking for a quick return on your investment or aiming to build a property portfolio for the long term, it makes sense to make the first move with Flagship North Investments.

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