Set Your Own Goals

It’s that time of year again when we are bombarded with adverts about improving our lifestyle, reviewing our finances, changing our careers and making a will, so what are your plans this year? Writes Tracy Hargreaves

The one thing to remember is that if you want to change anything you don’t necessarily have to wait until the new year. It can be an excuse to put things off. Set yourself a start date and be realistic about what it is you want to achieve. Doing too many things and you are likely to fail, as you won’t have the time and that will only be disheartening.

It’s usually a time, when after all the indulgence of the festive season we look to start eating healthily and getting more exercise. You don’t need to join expensive gyms, there are plenty of online apps you can use and do your exercise in the comfort of your own home. Try and get outside more, getting some fresh air will make you feel so much better.

The cold weather can dry out our skin. Cut down on that caffeine, make sure you keep skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and choose a moisturiser suitable for your skin. As we age, we need to change our beauty routine to keep it soft and supple.

Reducing our sugar intake can only be good for us. But don’t do it all at once. Try small things like cutting out sugar in tea and coffee, then moving from milk chocolate to dark chocolate which is better for us and contains more antioxidants. Swap sugary drinks to water and a small amount of cordial to begin with. Add more fruit and vegetables into your diet, particularly dark green vegetables such as broccoli and kale.

The trend for 2020 is to encourage people not to buy any new clothes for a year. In today’s throw-away society and fast fashion, this can be hard to do. With sustainability high on the agenda, think about whether you actually need new clothes and can go without. You’ll not only be saving money but helping the environment. What’s more if you’re starting to lose weight with your healthy eating you might just fit back into those clothes you were going to throw away.

Make some time for you. As much as you might love scrolling through social media and playing games on your phone, cutting down your screen time may be a necessary move in the new year. It’ll ensure that you have time to accomplish your goals and aren’t distracted by how others are living their lives. (Not comparing yourself to others, alone, can be life-changing ad you’ll feel better for it).

Set yourself a challenge of doing something new this year. Whether it’s starting a new hobby, joining a new fitness class, doing a park run or simply getting outside more. There are plenty of activities out there and you never know, it might lead to something else.

You can create your own new year new you, by taking a step back and doing something that’s realistic, achievable and is good for you too.
Happy New Year.



Tedd Walmsley

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