Spoilt For Choice

Choice should be a luxury, but it’s often a chore when buying a car. Thankfully, the experts at Lloyd Premium Cars are looking to change that, writes Matthew Parkinson. Photography: Roger Moore

Is it possible that there’s too much choice these days? It’s hard enough to decide on what sort of coffee you’d like, let alone rifling through the limitless options available on modern cars. When Henry Ford famously declared that his customers could “have any colour you want, so long as it’s black,” he couldn’t possibly have predicted that 100 years later, there’d be a few hundred shades of black available. So, where do you start?

Lloyd Premium Cars know all about making the right choices. In doing so, they’ve turned what began over 40 years ago as one BMW dealership in Cumbria into one of the UK’s most trusted traders among its automotive partners and patrons alike.

Building on its humble origins, the Lloyd Motor Group has earned the trust of BMW, MINI, Land Rover, Jaguar and Volvo to name but a few major manufacturers to have given Lloyd their stamp of approval. What started as a lone dealership exists today as a nationwide network of 20 retailers, each carrying the family-friendly ethos that’s been at the heart of the Lloyd Motor Group from its inception.

It’s this wealth of experience that makes Lloyd Motor Group’s latest venture a win-win for customers. Located in Blackpool, just off junction 4 of the M55, Lloyd Motor Group opened its premium used car dealership in 2017 to provide its customers with the sorts of cars that didn’t fit under the umbrellas of their manufacturer backed showrooms.

Without being tied to any particular brand, customers can find themselves mulling over Mustangs or perusing Porsches in the slick new showroom, before sitting down over a cup of coffee with one of several experienced sales executives who will tailor the experience to each individual customer to help find their perfect car.

If these cars aren’t among those backed by Lloyd Motor Group’s partner manufacturers, how do they guarantee the quality of such a broad range of cars? The solution is simple. Taking the lessons learned from how each manufacturer ensures its approved used cars are prepared, Lloyd Motor Group has picked the best of each to ensure only the best examples of each car are selected for sale. Before a car reaches the forecourt, it undergoes the same rigorous 124-point inspection as their manufacturer-approved used cars before it’s sold. Once each car passes this test, its new owner can drive off into the sunset with the peace of mind provided by a fresh 12-month MOT certificate and a guaranteed 12-month parts and labour warranty.

The other upside to this approach is the sheer variety of vehicles on offer. Whether you’re looking for a coupé or a convertible, a sports car or an SUV, Lloyd Motor Group realise that the premium experience starts long before you get behind the wheel. Lloyd Motor Group’s 42 years of experience has taught them that its customers are every bit as unique as the cars on their forecourt. It’s because of this that each sale is a tailor-made experience, where customers are given time to decide what they want and what they ultimately need before a member of Lloyd Premium Cars’ staff starts the process of finding a car that satisfies their customer’s wishes.

With Lloyd Premium Cars, it’s not all about the bottom line, either. If you’re looking to trade-in your current car, a member of the team will even give you a free, no obligation valuation whether you choose to sell it privately or trade it in against one of the shining examples on the Lloyd Premium Cars forecourt. The group’s manufacturer backing means there are a number of fully equipped workshops to handle all manner of servicing and repair work to manufacturer standards.

Ultimately, if and when you decide to treat yourself and swap your daily drive for something a little more special, I’m afraid you’re likely to be as spoilt for choice than when you started. If you’re wondering where to start however, the service, variety and peace of mind provided by Lloyd Premium Cars ensures there’s one less choice for you to worry about.

Lloyd Premium Cars
Preston New Road
Whitehills Business Park, Blackpool FY4 5NB
01253 283365



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