Staying Loyal To Local

A new initiative has been launched to reward customers to shop local in the Fylde. Adopting inspiration from the highly successful Kirkham Loyalty Card Scheme, the idea has been rolled out to other towns in the area

The Business Group Chairs of Kirkham, Lytham, and St. Annes were thrilled to announce the launch of the Fylde Borough Loyalty Card Scheme, building on the remarkable success of the Shop Local Scheme in Kirkham.

The scheme was launched during the pandemic when residents again began to realise the value in shopping local – one positive effect of the pandemic travel restrictions.

Supported by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and Fylde Borough Council, this initiative aims to reinvigorate Fylde residents, weekday workforce, and visitors to embrace the charm of their local high streets while being rewarded for their support.

The Fylde Borough Loyalty Card Scheme, launched in August 2023 and running until March 2025, offers an exciting opportunity for businesses across the region to unite and encourage local shoppers to rediscover the magic of their town centres. Under this scheme, each town will boast its individuality while fostering community and pride in local shopping. The driving force behind this project comprises of passionate individuals dedicated to fostering growth and community spirit in the Fylde region.

Heidi Hopkinson, Head of Kirkham Business Group, Julie Ellington from Fylde Borough Council, Suzanne Taylor from Lytham Business Partnership, and Michelle Cuffe from St Annes Enterprise Partnership are at the helm of this transformative venture. To ensure seamless execution, the scheme has involved a Kirkham print and digital marketing company that has been on Kirkham high street for more than thirty years and was responsible for the branding of Kirkham’s initial shop local scheme. To assist with the branding and design of each loyalty scheme, managing material procurement and distribution, and providing social media support, PW Web Design Print will play a pivotal role in enhancing the reach and impact of the Loyalty Card Scheme. The firm will engage the community through live draw filming, social media posts, and facilitating the distribution of loyalty kits to local businesses.

The proven success of the Kirkham Loyalty Card Scheme serves as an inspiration for this broader initiative. With nearly sixty participating businesses and each card representing a minimum spend of £80, the Kirkham scheme has already generated an annual revenue of £22,000 for the town’s high street. Including Lytham and St Annes, this number is expected to triple, fostering economic growth within the local economies.

“We believe that by working together as a united front, we can better tackle the challenges posed by online retailers and doorstep delivery services,” says Heidi Hopkinson, Chair of Kirkham Business Group and Project Lead. “Our focus is on encouraging local shoppers to embrace their town centres, thus creating a ripple effect on the Fylde economy, supporting our independent businesses.”

Participants in the scheme will benefit from a loyalty card stamp each time £5 is spent in a local participating shop or business, including restaurants and hotels. There are prize draws every quarter. There are three prizes of £150, £75 and £50. The prize money is raised through sponsorship from local businesses. The Fylde Borough Loyalty Card Scheme beckons a new era of support for local businesses and an opportunity for the community to stand together.

As the roll out of this exciting project is underway, the scheme calls on companies across the Fylde region to seize the chance to participate in this game-changing initiative.

For more information, please visit the official Fylde Borough Council’s website for local business:

For further information on the Shared Prosperity Fund, visit:



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