A garden room will give you extra space in which to work, rest or play

A room in your garden? Up until a couple of years ago, the idea of a standalone garden room was a wonderful one, but more likely to remain a dream than become a reality. Of course, that all changed when space became a premium in households when many of us started working from home. The garden room revolution began as we sought space to carry out our everyday activities. Garden rooms of all shapes and sizes, designed for all manner of purposes, began to spring up.

As we head into summer and we reconnect with the great outdoors, a garden room becomes an attractive proposition for enjoying nature and taking a few moments to relax. But beyond the sunny season, the garden room is still a steadily growing trend. Whether for work, study, hobbies or wellness, a garden room can be a welcome addition to a home, a space away from the noise of everyday life.

Before you start with the design of your garden room, due consideration needs to be given to its primary purpose. Some of the most popular options include gyms, craft rooms, guest bedrooms, and of course most recently, work from home spaces. One growing trend is to have a multi-functioning garden room, which you can use for storage as well as a living space.

The proposed function of your garden room will help you to decide whether it will just be used in warmer months or all year round. This will determine how sturdy the build needs to be and whether to include more advanced features, such as wi-fi, heating and electricity.

From a style angle, ideally your garden room will complement your property and its exterior. A traditional summerhouse is best-suited to period homes, whereas contemporary properties may require more modern aesthetics, such as the cabin-style or pod home office which has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Many of these options come flat-packed, suitable for keen DIYers, ideal for keeping the cost down too.

If you’re simply looking for a fair-weather solution, how about a pergola or a gazebo? A gazebo is ideal if you’re budget-conscious and seeking a non-permanent option. Not just for outdoor parties and weddings, this stylish summertime addition can be easily assembled and dismantled to suit the weather and your requirements.

So you’ve decided on the role and style of your garden room, now you can set about finding specific design ideas for both the interior and exterior. A popular and stylish design feature for a garden room is integrating a living wall – a unique and eye-catching décor idea, which blends perfectly with your exterior.

More generally, features such as quality shelving, comfy seating and cosy blankets will help to make your garden room a home away from home. If you’re looking to use the space either wholly or partly for storage, bespoke furniture is ideal for permanent structures, from corner desks to display cabinets. If you want more contemporary attributes for your garden room, then pick practical features such as modern lighting, which will keep the space clutter-free. Or go one step further and integrate a garden kitchen. Install an oven and worktop along with the appropriate furniture to dine outdoors.

Outside, lights and plants can be arranged to showcase the finished masterpiece. Decking can also be a useful and attractive addition to factor in.

At Hartleys we’re experts in maximising space with our bespoke furniture range. Whatever the size and shape of your garden room, our storage solutions are made to measure and designed to ensure a place for everything, whilst allowing you to enjoy the rest of the space unhindered by clutter or ill-fitting furniture.

To give your garden room both storage and style, call us on 01756 700471 and request a design visit. You can also visit our Yorkshire showroom or see us at:



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