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With the special offer of a complimentary home charger, you’ll get much more than you bargained for with BMWs all-electric vehicles. Paul Agnew finds out more

Looking for an all-electric car? Stop right there. While many manufacturers and dealers can promise plenty, no-one – I repeat no-one – can offer you more than BMW.

For the BMW all-electric range, from the funky iX1 to a magnificent i7, is as extensive as it is impressive.

Whatever you desire, you’ll find it right here.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more tempting, BMW has now decided to throw in a special offer, based on the importance of ‘charging capability’ both at home and in public.

Place an order for any BMW all-electric vehicle before 28th December and you’ll receive a complimentary 7kW home charger (or £750 worth of BMW public charging credit)!

The standard Pod Point Home Charger offers efficient charging compared to a domestic three-pin socket, expert Pod Point installation and connection to the Pod Point app to view charging activity, track costs and schedule charging.

Opt instead for £750 credit towards BMW public charging and you can tap into over 300,000 charging points across the UK and Europe.*

As for the range itself – just spend a little time viewing the iX1, iX, iX3, i4, i5 and i7.

The choice is mind-blowing. These are electric cars using the very latest and most innovative technologies and materials in order to maximise efficiency and sustainability.

Be inspired, this is the future. So, let’s take a quick performance snapshot:
• The BMW iX1 (xDrive30) has an electric range of up to 270 miles and can accelerate 0-62mph in 5.6 seconds.
• The BMW iX3 has an electric range of up to 285 miles and can accelerate 0-62mph in 6.8 seconds.
• The BMW i5 (eDrive40) has an electric range of up to 357 miles and can accelerate 0-62 mph in 6 seconds.
• The BMW i7 (xDrive60) has an electric range of up to 387 miles and can accelerate 0-62 mph in 4.7 seconds.

All models provide practical and sustainable mobility solutions and oodles of driving pleasure, for everyday needs. Just pick the model that best suits your lifestyle and away you go.

As for style and comfort, intelligence and technology, need you ask? These are BMWs for goodness sake, it’s as good as it gets!

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them all at close quarters, most recently the iX1 (M Sport variant) a car very close to achieving a perfection rating, capable of electrifying all your adventures and fulfilling every expectation of a Sports Activity Vehicle.

With technological support (and surprises) at every turn, the BMW iX1 is cool and comfortable, nippy and spacious, technically blessed and lovely to look at.

Stand-out highlights include a frameless curved display that can be interacted via intuitive touch and voice control and mighty powerful software housed within a connected 10.7 inch control display and 10.25 inch instrument display, ensuring a seamless communication between driver and vehicle.

Add stylish sports seats, a stunning glass sunroof, plenty of leg room, storage space and a ‘floating armrest’ housing key controls like the start/stop function, gear lever switch and electromechanical parking brake.

As for the drive itself, it handles quite brilliantly and the steering is as light as the running is quiet.

The ‘big brother’ BMW i7 saloon exudes luxury, transporting you from place to place in supreme safety and exceptional comfort. Despite its power and purpose, it is both smooth and quiet and surprisingly nimble through corners, the four-wheel steering system making light weight of every journey.

Inside you’ll find cleverly combined leathers, veneers and decorative chrome trims and some truly beautiful secondary controls made from Swarovski crystal, broad front seats with every motorised adjustment, massage and heating function you could wish for and a gently curved touchscreen infotainment and instrumentation display console.

In a nutshell, BMW is setting the standard within the global electric car marketplace with a range that is as appealing as it is exciting.

No surprise there then.

*Available to both retail and business customers. All the necessary terms and conditions can be found on the BMW website.

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