The Old Chapel Museum

And Libraries

The Stonyhurst Collections include a museum, three historic libraries and a rich study collection

The renowned Stonyhurst Collections are housed together in a prominent part of the remarkable buildings at the College, overlooking the 16th century Front Quad and the formal Avenue.

The Museum and Historic Libraries are housed in a Victorian wing of the College, built in the 1850s to complete the grand frontage at Stonyhurst, which had been left unfinished by the Shireburn family in the 17th century.

Many of the objects in the Collections bear witness to its unique place in English Catholic history, while others show how pupils and staff have made their mark on the world as scientists, travellers, archaeologists, antiquarians, soldiers, civil servants and missionaries all over the globe.

Notable paintings by artists such as Turner, Lely, Rembrandt and Rubens were bought, or donated to the College, to embellish the walls and to inspire with their beauty. Stunning 17th century Flemish baroque church silver, available to view in the museum, continues to be used in our liturgies on Feast Days.

Former pupils and their families have bequeathed treasured possessions to benefit subsequent generations. Every item in the Collections and Historic Libraries tells a story to teach, to intrigue, and to provoke searching questions about our past and the present world we inhabit.

Objects on display include:
• First Folio of William Shakespeare
• Medieval manuscripts
• Prayer books belonging to Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth of York
• Natural History Collection
• Historic Church Vestments
• First editions from a variety of literary greats including Charles Dickens, C S Lewis, Gerard Manley Hopkins and more.

The Old Chapel Museum
Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe BB7 9PZ
01254 827014



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