The Only Certainties

In Life Are Death And Taxes?

Nobody really wants to talk about death, but would it be a weight off your mind knowing your affairs are in order for your loved ones in the future? We interviewed Martin Garry from McDade Roberts Accountants to find out how its new sister company, MR Probate Ltd could help our readers achieve this peace of mind

McDade Roberts Accountants is proud of the trust it builds during relationships with its clients, so Martin explained how he was able to offer this service to help clients through the otherwise daunting and stressful process of probate.

Martin said: “Our sister company, MR Probate Ltd, helps anyone through the Wills and Probate process. This was a natural addition to our main accountancy services, and we believe it will be a valuable service for our clients.”

“The first question people ask me is ‘what is probate?’ Probate is the process of obtaining a grant of representation by a deceased individual’s executors, so they can administer the estate and deal with the affairs of the deceased. It can be a complicated process that adds stress at an already difficult time.”

“We know it’s important to our clients to ensure the estate they have worked hard to build up is passed onto their loved ones as smoothly as possible and in the most tax efficient way.”

“Our new Wills and Probate Service has been designed to assist with:
• Making sure that your Will is kept up to date and reflects your current circumstances and wishes
• Helping you to minimise inheritance tax liabilities
• Assisting with the administration of your estate to ensure that the terms of the Will are carried out and reducing the administrative burden on your family.”

Why should our readers choose MR Probate? Martin said: “In simple terms because we care about all of our clients, we want to make their financial affairs as stress free as possible for them. Our team treat every client as an individual, whether they are coming to see us for a simple Will or for a complicated inheritance tax planning case. There’s a clear tie in between services that we provide such as inheritance tax planning and submission of the returns to HMRC and filing for the grant of probate, so the process can now be seamlessly brought together by dealing with one set of friendly advisors.

“We appreciate the pressures on the bereaved at such a time of loss and grief and aim to relieve the stress of dealing with probate for you, whether that’s by helping your readers set up a Will now or by helping families when they need us most.”

For a confidential chat on Wills or Probate, phone 01772 717110 and ask for Martin



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