Transforming Your Home

We have all recently spent an unprecedented amount of time both at home and with family. We have had to adapt the space we have at home to create flexible spaces, transforming our homes to include your office, school, nursery, business headquarters, all with intergenerational living

Our homes have been needed for different uses by different family members at once. Whether you have had time off work, worked on your health and fitness, had to home school your children, or run your business from your dining table, you will have had chance to see if your home actually works for you and your ‘new normal’.

Take some time out to analyse what works and does not work about your home… what do you love and what could be improved? Moving forward out of lockdown there may be positives you may want to integrate into your life permanently, such as working from home, a healthy routine, or moving an elderly relative into your home and what may have worked before, may no longer work for your new lifestyle.

As we now spend more time at home, you may want to make improvements to your property so it meets your new requirements. Re-configuring the layout can improve the functionality, flow, light and use space more efficiently.

Each of our projects at ZMA are bespoke to the client’s requirements, which makes each scheme unique. We ask our clients for a wish-list, a budget and then we do the rest. You may want to re-design your property to improve the connection to the garden, convert your garage, create an annexe, home office, additional bedrooms or incorporate a hobby such as a new swimming pool, home gym, games room or equestrian facility. You may even have additional out-buildings or land that we can assess the feasibility of utilising to create your required accommodation.

Contact a member of our team for your free consultation to discuss how you can begin your own home transformation project

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