Walking Lifeline

The collective compilation of a new book of walks, featuring rambles from a small Ribble Valley village, has an inspirational story behind it

A book of walks, which was created when, across the country people began walking around their local countryside with one permitted person, has sold more than 500 copies thanks to its appealing illustrations and interesting routes.

Walks from a Lancashire Village has been collectively compiled by Ruth Buckley and a group of walkers from Grimsargh, for whom walking has proved a vital lifeline.

Author Ruth explains: “Walking has proved a lifeline for many of us, myself included, having been bereaved in December 2019. I was asked to compile a book of the walks by my walking buddies, as I like to call them.”

With the approval of Grimsargh Parish council the walking group had 200 personalised waymarkers made, then gained permission from Lancashire County Council, local farmers and landowners, to put them up.

“Then, with massive support from the walking group, we got together to create the book Walks from a Lancashire Village, walking and re-walking the routes many times, in all weather and ground conditions and meeting local farm life on the way!” recalls Ruth. 

The illustrations and maps for the book were researched and drawn by Kevan Thompson, who is the husband of one of the walking group: “He even added characters on each map based on the people who have been part of the walking team,” says Ruth.

The book, which was subsequently published and released, is available from local shops and pubs for £5 with all proceeds going to St Michael’s Church, Grimsargh



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