Autumn and winter months in the garden needn’t be dull. There are plants offering an array of vibrant foliage colours, berries and even flowers from September and beyond. Michael Cookson from Newgate nurseries takes you through some of his favourites

Helleborous nigra – this evergreen shade loving Christmas rose produces waxy white flowers from October through to spring.
Heuchera Berry smoothie – another evergreen perennial, this produces a low rounded hummock of rich pink foliage which turns to silver in winter and back to pink in the spring.
Hesperantha coccinea – rich pink star like flowers are held above rich green sword like foliage throughout October-December. The last perennial to flower in the garden

Mahonia soft caress – the best of both worlds, this dwarf evergreen shrub boasts soft dissect foliage with rich yellow flowers in late autumn.
Skimmia japonica rubella – this dwarf evergreen is a male clone meaning that it produces bright red flower buds which look like berries opening to white scented flowers in the spring. Shade loving and low growing.
Viburnum tinus eve price – quite a popular evergreen shrub which produces masses of pink/white flowers through autumn and winter. The flowers persist into the spring and are followed by blue summer fruits.

Sorbus Autumn spire – this new rowan tree lights up bonfire night and beyond as it clings to its beautifully coloured foliage later than most trees. White flowers and yellow berries provide food for bees and birds.



Tedd Walmsley

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