We explore four ways to create your own tranquil space that benefits not only your interior – but also your health and wellbeing

March is in full swing and although the mornings are getting lighter and there’s more sunlight on offer, many of us still suffer with the winter blues.

But, with a few small changes to your home, you can keep your spirits high and be on your way to living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

With a big focus on mental health and self-care over the last couple of years, and a growing interest in the impact our environment has on our wellbeing, we are now focusing on lighting, air quality and nature to transform our homes into havens where we can recuperate after a long day.

Bring the outside in
Incorporating greenery into your space is a great way to freshen up any room. Plants not only purify stagnant air but can also help reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rate and improve overall productivity and creativity.

Spring flowers such as daffodils are readily available in spring, whether from your garden or the local supermarket, and are inexpensive too. Or, if you’d rather invest in some cacti or a succulent, these will last longer even if you’re not amongst the ranks of the green-fingered! These low maintenance plants will make all the difference to a windowsill or table centre – and there’s lots of helpful material online if you’re unsure about how to care for them.

Get wise with lighting
Lack of light, and hence Vitamin D, is one of the main causes of Seasonal Affective Disorder, which affects millions of people each year. It’s no surprise then that the colour and light of your home can have a huge effect on the way you feel and live.

To boost yourself, and home, it’s important to get the most from your windows. Invest in curtain hangers to pull curtains away from the window or use specially designed blinds to make the most of all available daylight. In living spaces which receive little natural light, rather than stark white lighting, opt for colour-changing light bulbs or dusk lighting which rises and sets like the sun.

Opt for more neutral colours
Certain colours are known to positively influence wellbeing. White, cream and pale shades are frequently used to create a relaxing atmosphere. In contrast, bright reds and blacks can do the opposite.

Lighter blues have soothing properties and are said to aid concentration. It’s also been scientifically proven to accelerate the relaxing process. Subtle, light greys also reduce stress and tension, and are bang on trend for creating a modern home.

Tidy room, tidy mind
When you’re organised and in control of your home, work and worries, you’ll find it’s easier to unwind at the end of the day. When you know where everything is, you can work more productively – and creatively.

Smart storage is just one solution to keep your belongings out of the way, while being able to access them easily. With lift-up beds, built-in wardrobes and multifunctional furniture, you’ll be able to relax, work and play in the same room with ease.

At Hartleys, we pride ourselves in creating relaxing spaces that are bespoke. And, if you need a little help transforming your home, simply call us on 01756 700471




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