A Karting Sensation!

Jayan Prakash is an eight-year-old kart racing sensation whose passion for speed and will to win have catapulted him into the UK karting spotlight

His recent triumphs on the track have not only captivated spectators but also caught the attention of Porsche Centre Preston. So much so that the prestige car retailer has agreed to an exciting new partnership that promises to elevate Jayan’s racing career to even greater heights.

Jayan’s journey from the streets of Cottam to karting glory began aged just five years-old at the local recreational karting track in Euxton. It wasn’t long before he displayed his special talent – he would regularly win when racing against much older children and adults.

In 2023, at the age of seven, Jayan took part in the Global Karting League UK, competing with more than 30 other young UK drivers. He enjoyed podium finishes in all ten rounds he participated in (he was the only driver to achieve this). He showcased unparalleled skill and tenacity against seasoned competitors. Their age and experience were no problem for Jayan despite some of the other drivers being nearly two years older.

An end-of-season victory at Whilton Mill near Daventry clinched the UK Bambino National Championship Title. This feat is even more remarkable when you remember it was his first year of competitive karting.

To date, the Bolton School pupil has enjoyed 20 podium finishes in his karting career. This year, Jayan had the option to defend his Bambino class. Instead, he chose to compete in the Cadet Class (age 8-12), where karts can hit speeds up to 60 mph. He has already enjoyed two Cadet Class podium finishes in January at circuits in Fulbeck in Lincolnshire and Rowrah in Cumbria.

The new partnership highlights Porsche Centre Preston’s commitment to supporting emerging talent in sport and marks another significant step in Jayan’s racing career.

The partnership is supportive in many ways and also serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring young athletes across the region. By investing in Jayan’s future, Porsche Centre Preston underscores its commitment to fostering talent and making a lasting impact within the community.

Tom Fox, managing director of Porsche Centre Preston, is excited to help nurture local talent and, perhaps, even inspire other young sportspeople in the local community.

Tom said: “We partnered with Jayan because we saw a remarkable young talent whose dedication and passion for karting truly stand out. It’s not every day you encounter a young talent with such fearless determination and a clear love for motorsport. We’re excited to partner him on his journey and watch him develop.”

Indeed, Jayan and Porsche Centre Preston’s partnership goes beyond the partnership. It reflects a shared vision of excellence and camaraderie.

“Partnering with young sportspeople is tremendously important for local businesses,” added Tom. “We want to invest in the future of our youth and show them that hard work and dedication can be recognised and rewarded.”

Jayan’s hard work is already reaping the rewards. He has been snapped up by Ambition Motorsport as a team driver for the 2024 season. The team has a history of multiple championship wins. Jayan will compete as one of the youngest drivers in over 30 rounds, including Motorsport UK Club Rounds and National Championships: Cadet Kart Championship and the prestigious British Kart Championship.

Sandeep Prakash, Jayan’s father, is grateful for Porsche Centre Preston’s support at such an exciting time and emphasises the potential impact of the partnership on Jayan’s burgeoning career.

As Jayan embarks on the next chapter of his racing odyssey, his sights set firmly on the next pulsating race, one thing remains abundantly clear: with supporters like Porsche Centre Preston by his side, the possibilities are limitless.

Sandeep said: “Porsche Centre Preston’s partnership is massively helpful in many ways and a significant vote of confidence in Jayan’s potential. We’re excited to see where this journey takes him.”

Of course, Jayan wouldn’t be the first young Go Kart champion to have ambitions to race at a higher level.

Did someone mention Lewis Hamilton?! Jayan has chosen to race with the number 44 (the same number as his Lewis Hamilton) on his kart, which also features the centre’s Porsche logo.

Sandeep adds: “Jayan loves Lewis Hamilton. It would be fantastic to see him following in the footsteps of his idol. Lewis is not just a phenomenal racing driver – he shows us all where talent, dedication, and the right support can take you.

“But Jayan is on his own unique journey. What’s most important is that he continues to pursue his passion, enjoy the sport, and develop both his skills and character along the way. Whether he becomes the next Lewis Hamilton or the first Jayan Prakash, we’re all so proud of him and excited to see where it all leads.”

You can follow Jayan Prakash’s karting journey on his Instagram: @jayansprakash



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