Excited weddings stylists and seamstresses at a local bridal boutique are to feature in a new TV series Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire!

Celebrity stylist Gok Wan is set to visit a prestigious bridal shop this month as part of an exciting new TV series.

Film crews will descend on Ava Rose Hamilton to film Gok along with boutique owner Paula Chappell and her team of consultants, helping brides find the perfect wedding gown.

After being asked to take part in Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire, Gok said: “I’ve always been a fan of Say Yes to the Dress and loved making the special, so I jumped at the opportunity to do Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire. Me saying yes to the show, was probably easier than the brides saying yes to the dress!”

For the team at Ava Rose Hamilton, featuring on TV is a dream come true as Kay Williamson explains: “It is a fantastic opportunity for us – we are over the moon and so looking forward to filming.”

TV producers True North initially approached the bridal boutique asking if they would be interested in them filming at Ava Rose Hamilton, as Kay recalls: “Someone then came to see us and it snowballed from there.”

Other wedding boutiques throughout the UK were considered for the series, so the team at Ava Rose Hamilton were delighted to be chosen for the show – and even more delighted when they learned that Gok, who rose to fame with How to Look Good Naked, was to host the show.

“We are all so excited about it!” said Kay, who revealed that filming will continue until Christmas and the series will be aired in February or March next year.

With its luxurious interior, glittering chandeliers and gorgeous gowns, it comes as no surprise that the production company hand-picked the Ava Rose Hamilton boutique, which is family owned and run.

Around 60 brides have been interviewed for the series but as yet the team of 20 stylists and five seamstresses at Ava Rose, have not been told which brides have been selected to appear in the show.

Aired weekly, the programme will feature different brides choosing their wedding gown – with advice from the team and in some cases, filming will continue, right up until and including, the wedding day.

“It is such an honour to be chosen for the TV series and to work with Gok,” adds Kay. “To capture the brides’ actual wedding day too is lovely, as viewers can see the journey from choosing the gown in the boutique to how the bride looks in her dress on the big day!”

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