We take a look at the wedding gown trends that are likely to be popular in 2020

Bespoke embroidery is set to be the stand-out trend for 2020 wedding gowns and veils. We will see more and more of this as brides want a dress or veil that literally tells their story – a gown that is totally unique to them with special personal messages.

Designer Chiara Ferragni kickstarted the trend for embroidered wedding dresses when she married Italian singer Fedez. She wore a custom Dior gown threaded with lyrics from his songs along with motifs inspired by the couple’s relationship.

Last year model Hailey Baldwin looked stunning in a cathedral length, Till Death Do Us Part embroidered statement veil.

In 2020, we’ll see the embroidery trend boom as couples find more unique ways to tell their personal fairytale. From romantic verses, a love note to your partner or your new initials discretely stitched into a veil or train, there are so many ways to wear this trend.

It’s an incredibly easy way to customise a boutique-bought dress and the embroidery can be anything that means something to you both. This embroidery can be done for all to see or as a secret message hidden in the dress that only you two know about.

This year also sees the return of the fairytale dress with brides opting for bigger ‘princess’ dresses teamed with cathedral length veils. While clean and simple lines remain popular, there will be less lace and hardly any strapless designs.

Last year Ellie Goulding set the trend wearing a Victorian-style high-neck wedding gown – a style still to be seen in. Dresses with ruffled collars, long sleeves and high necks – all the Victoriana and bourgeois trends from last year’s catwalks are filtering through and it is predicted that there will be an abundance of tulle in various shades.

Corsetry also remains an important factor for many brides who love to have their waist really defined.

Having two wedding dresses has long been popular with society brides, who like to wear a second, evening wedding dress. This is a knock-on effect from royal weddings and high-profile celebrity brides. Another option here is to have a wedding dress that totally transforms for the evening to reveal a completely different look. This is often done by removing a top layer of tulle so the evening dress is barely recognisable as the original wedding gown worn earlier in the day.

Whatever style of dress you opt for, it will be unique to you so enjoy wearing it on a truly memorable day!



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