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The Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo is a sophisticated, joyous, all-electric drive that is nigh on unbeatable, writes Paul Agnew. Photography: Peter Austin

What makes a great car manufacturer? Well, aside from the obvious, comes an overriding obsession to be stand-out. To never settle, to go in search of perfection.

Irrespective of the merits of their many creations over time – or the plaudits they receive along the way – the truly great manufacturers (and their design teams) never stop seeking something even better.

Take Porsche, or to be more specific the impressive all-electric Taycan, a sports car par excellence which first appeared on our roads to universal acclaim five years ago.

At the launch, one reviewer termed it ‘unbeatable’, but the Porsche design team were having none of it.

Back to the studio of dreams, they set out to beat the unbeatable.

And guess what? They’ve only gone and done it!

For the new all-electric Taycan is a genuine head-turner of a sports car – premier in every aspect and an absolute joy to drive.

It would be misleading to say it has had a facelift – everything was already top drawer. Better to call it a re-fresh, made up of impressive tweaks to produce an even sleeker look, countless additional comforts and some mind-boggling technology.

But maybe the most significant difference centres around efficiency and this is completely due to the introduction of a larger battery.

A much larger battery, which delivers a range increase of up to 35 per cent to a maximum of 421 miles/678 kilometres (WLTP) and all models can charge from a 10 per cent to 80 per cent state in just 18 minutes.

Impressive statistics indeed and a fond farewell to so-called range anxiety.

And if that’s not enough, a sophisticated ‘route planner’ (optional) will not only identify when a top-up is required but take you straight to the nearest charging point while you just sit there, steer and marvel.

There are three Taycan models from which to make your choice – the Sport Saloon, the Sport Turismo and the Cross Turismo. I was handed the keys to the 4S Cross Turismo for what was to be a truly joyous test drive.

All-wheel drive automatic in a stunning exterior colour ‘Crayon’ with a smooth finish black leather interior, the ride was fabulous thanks in no small part to the improved air suspension.

Such comfort, so quiet (although you can, if you wish, have ‘sport sound’ of course) and crammed with every gadget imaginable and a host of high-end features.

The detail, the touches that make Porsche what it is – a king amongst cars.

From the huge panoramic roof to the BOSE surround sound system, from the privacy glass to the adaptive front sports seats (18-way, electric with memory) from the 21-inch design wheels to the HD matrix LED headlights – everything comes with a touch of class.

Not forgetting all the individual manufacturer’s touches like the Porsche crests on headrests, light strip with illuminated Porsche logo and the iconic Porsche clock in pride of place on the dashboard.

And what a dashboard! Big and clear and easy to see and negotiate with information you may, could and probably will require at every point of the journey. You’re never out there alone in a Taycan – help is always a fingertip away.

It’s quite remarkable to be told that you can take a car as beautiful as this off road, but you better believe it (it even has concealed bicycle carriers).

So, if you are looking for the ultimate electric vehicle driving experience but have a family to suit and crave extra practicality, the Taycan Cross Turismo is just about spot on.

With a larger boot, more space in the rear area and greater visibility, this car is also perfectly able to cope with road surfaces that have seen better days.

This car is basically an alluring combination of style, interior well-being, luxury and technology with a hunger to eat up the road.

A car with a history that is all about tomorrow, but available today.

Talking of which, Porsche Centre Preston assure me that the Taycan is ready and waiting to be driven, enjoyed and ordered – and delivered in pretty swift time.

Ferdinand Porsche, the man behind the brand, once said: “I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.”

Ferdinand wasn’t named car designer of the 20th century for nothing and fair to say that he would be immensely proud of the nigh-on unbeatable all-electric Taycan.

Porsche Centre Preston
Centenary House
Watery Lane, Preston PR2 1QJ
01772 911911



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