Advantages of Organic Beauty Products and Cosmetics

Every day, a colossal amount of toxins and chemical poisons enter our body with food, cosmetics, and even clothes. They can accumulate and provoke serious diseases, sometimes even chronic and incurable one’s writes Alexa Wang

Organic cosmetics are actively gaining popularity in modern life due to their unique properties that can make our life healthier. Today, the world’s leading cosmetics manufacturers produce natural makeup, sulphate-free, and natural shampoos, cosmetics without parabens, harmful chemical additives, SLS, and synthetic fragrances.

Organic skin care products and natural cosmetics contain herbs, oils, and extracts produced without synthetic pesticides, fertilisers, or genetically modified ingredients. Well-known ingredients to be avoided are parabens and SLS. Natural cosmetic products often have a quality mark, the best known are BDIH and ECOCERT. It is also important to distinguish the term ‘natural’ on products, as this may already be mentioned while the product contains only 0.01 per cent natural ingredients.

The ultimate benefit of choosing natural and organic alternatives is that they effectively provide long-lasting health to our skin. Organic cosmetics usually contain much higher levels of natural nutrients contained in essential vitamins and minerals. Organic foods also provide essential secondary metabolites such as phytonutrients, flavonoids and polyphenols. Cosmetics derived directly from these foods can provide numerous health benefits.

Besides the fact that organic or natural cosmetics are much better for you, it is also much better for the environment. Nature is less affected, and no pesticides are released into the environment. It is, of course, better for yourself because it is often much gentler on your skin. Your skin can absorb many substances that enter your body, including chemicals in the products you use. These chemicals also end up in your shower drain, for example, and the environment is again burdened. Many petrochemicals such as triclosan are not degradable in the environment. Natural products are often biodegradable.

By choosing natural or organic products for ourselves and our family members’ daily care, we can reduce the number of harmful ingredients and maintain our health. After all, cosmetics: toothpaste, creams, shampoos, deodorants – are our daily companions and the choice of high-quality and harmless products directly affects our health.

Organic cosmetics give a more lasting effect. Their aim is not at a second solution to a problem or its temporary disguise, but a comprehensive recovery and activation of the body’s natural processes. Their action primarily aims to normalise biological processes, harmonious replenishment of ingredients close to our body and maintaining health, whether skin, hair, or nails. When all our internal processes work correctly and thoroughly, we shine with beauty and health.



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