An Evening Of Art

A new concept that will give dinner guests the opportunity to learn about the work of three critically acclaimed artists is to be held at a renowned Ribble Valley hotel and restaurant

Fusing inspirational art with innovative food is the idea behind a fabulous evening that will see a collaboration between Longridge Gallery and Gibbon Bridge, introducing guests to three nationally acclaimed artists.

On 22nd March 2024 the Art & Dinner experience will feature works by Michael Ashcroft, Andrei Protsouk and John Russell – each at the top of their game but with differing views of the world.

Dinner guests will arrive to a welcome drink and a carefully curated exhibition featuring the three artists’ work. With each artist demonstrating a different style, guests will have the chance to browse the exhibition before dinner is served.

During the evening, there will be a presentation by Longridge Gallery’s Alistair Sheret, who will speak about the artwork, the artists themselves and their contrasting styles.

Michael Ashcroft grew up in the heart of Lancashire and after leaving school in 1985 he began his career as an engineer, painting and sketching only in his spare time. In 1998 after he had a major operation to remove a brain tumour, he decided to paint more seriously and returned to college. Over the years his paintings have evolved from early abstracts in acrylics to using oils in more representational works painted on location. The foundations that underpin his paintings haven’t changed – his fascination with light and dark and his love of the city and the landscape.

He is a member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and Manchester Academy of Fine Arts. He has exhibited with the Royal Society of British Artists, the Howard De Walden Exhibition and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London.

Art critic David Lee says of Michael: “In his landscapes as well as his views of the city, he willingly lays bare his pleasures and beliefs.”

Andrei Protsouk was born in the industrial city of Donetsk in Ukraine and his work now hangs in private collections of notable figures including George Bush and is considered to have excellent investment potential.

Demonstrating an exceptional gift for art from a young age, on leaving school Protsouk attended the prestigious Lugansk School of Fine Art and the Ilya Repin Leningrad Institute – widely regarded as one of the world’s finest art training programmes. Protsouk studied under Evsey Moiseenko, a world renowned contemporary of Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso. Moiseenko adopted Protsouk as his protegee, recognising the potential of his remarkable talent. Protsouk’s early work reflected the melancholy of Soviet living conditions, using heavy textures and a dark colour palette. In 1994 Protsouk moved with his family to the US, where he quickly established himself as a prominent figure on the contemporary art scene.

His paintings became more colourful, his subjects more joyful and much of his work now centres around the universal theme of love, frequently depicting couples in the midst of passionate dances or embraces. His use of constructive line demonstrates his innate understanding of the human form, drawing comparisons to the figurative works of Michaelangelo. He now works from a studio within his own gallery in Pennsylvania, continuing to experiment with a range of media and subject matter. His talent has resulted in phenomenal commercial success, having completed commissions for Johnnie Walker and Coca Cola.

John Russell is a Scottish artist now living on a farm in northern England. His work depicts British landscapes featuring brooding skies, which are skilfully crafted and stylised – the foreground dramatically lit to great effect often by a bright and striking moon. His work combines a mix of traditional with a contemporary finish that is sometimes enhanced by a resin coating. Interestingly, his palette is often matched to that of paint-maker Farrow & Ball resulting in the block colours he uses, being sympathetic in contemporary interiors. From Yorkshire farms to Highland crofts, Lakeland cottages to Cornish mines, rugged, barren scenes are his favourite subject matter. John’s work, which is highly sought-after, is enigmatic and thought provoking.

This fun and light-hearted Art & Dinner evening will be of great interest not only to experienced collectors of art, but also to those who want to discover and learn more about the artists behind the works – how their style has developed over time and the influences and beliefs that have inspired them.

Preferential rates to stay in one of the Gibbon Bridge’s luxurious rooms are available. If you would like more information or to secure your place on this unique evening of art and food, call the hotel on 01995 61456.

Gibbon Bridge Hotel & Restaurant
Green Lane
Chipping, Preston PR3 2TQ
01995 61456



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