Longridge Gallery’s spring collection brings together art to suit all tastes and budgets. From the nationally acclaimed artist of the year, Kerry Darlington, to the wonderfully talented Keith Parkinson from Clitheroe via the resurgent Mackenzie Thorpe

Multi-award winning artist Kerry Darlington’s latest release ‘La Dolce Vita’ – the sweet life – explores Kerry’s fascination with life and growth, nature and magic. It draws the viewer into her highly recognisable and completely irresistible world. Kerry’s inspirations come from fairy tales, myths, legends, historical illustrations, nature and her mother. In many cultures it is believed that when you see a ladybird your first wish will come true. When you purchase this unique edition, you will receive a complimentary ladybird charm, hand signed by Kerry.

Following a teaching career of 24 years, Keith Parkinson became an art graduate in 2008. His work is energetic, lively and often colourful but marked by an exploration of light and movement. “I explore themes around people and place, initiated by the place I live, the people who pass by and memories.” Keith’s new collection ‘Aspects of Pendle’ explores the famous hill from different angles, perspective and light. Each piece is an original oil on canvas.

Striking and distinctive, the new limited edition from Mackenzie Thorpe is an uplifting celebration of love, life, hope and joy. Mackenzie is both a visionary and a master of expressing the universality of human experience. His unique, highly memorable visual style has made him one of the most recognised and collected contemporary British artists across the world. Working as an artist since 1989, he has created one of the most loved and acclaimed oeuvres in contemporary art.

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