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Wayne Hayhurst of Raymond James Ribble Valley credits growing up and working on the family farm as his inspiration, writes Gail Bailey

Born and educated in the Ribble Valley, Wayne Hayhurst says he never wants to live anywhere else, and being the founder of a successful financial services business in Longridge, he is proud to work in and support the local community.

Wayne explains: “My first ever 10 clients from 15 years ago, still remain clients, which is something that gives me great pride and highlights my business ethos of honesty, integrity and service.”

On leaving Longridge High School Wayne gained an apprenticeship at BAE Systems and progressed onto completing a BSc in Computer Science, but all the time had a passion for the stock market, along with very much being a people person.

“One Monday morning, aged 23, I was browsing my stock portfolio and the markets, not even thinking about a change of job, when I came across an advert for a trainee stockbroker with Edward Jones Investments. Within a single week, I had stumbled across the job opportunity, travelled to London for an interview, was offered the position and handed my notice in on the Friday! Although I knew it was somewhat risky and even a little scary leaving a promising and secure career with BAE Systems, I headed for London and spent an intense 12 months training – but it was the best decision I could have made,” Wayne says.

There was never any doubt that Wayne would return to set up his own business back home in Longridge, but with no office, no clients and no real experience, there was a lot to do: “That was when my work ethic from growing up on a working farm really kicked in,” he explains.

“I had seen my father work 12 hours a day, seven days a week and I did exactly the same. In 2006, for six days a week over three months I literally knocked on doors introducing myself to the local community, touching on the services we could provide and how I could help people plan for the future. The response I got was somewhat mixed but mainly positive, obtaining a lot of interest and ‘good lucks’.”

Wayne gained an astonishing 1,300 phone numbers of people who were interested in his financial services offering, and then had the task of setting up meetings and building his clientele.

In 2009 Wayne made his next move taking steps to become the owner and founder of his own company, working with Raymond James Investment Services: “Building my own company was always my ultimate aim and this gave me the perfect opportunity,” says Wayne. “In January 2010 I was a one-man band, but in just over 11 years we now have a team of 20, offering a wide and specialist range of financial services.”

Bringing ‘Wall Street to the high street’ Wayne has always worked on Berry Lane, first renting two office spaces before the opportunity to move into the old Nat West Bank building became an option: “It seemed the perfect fit that we should run a financial business from a fabulous old former bank, and I secured the property in 2017,” explains Wayne.

The services provided by Wayne and his team include discretionary investment management, stockbroking, financial planning and ethical investing.

“Our role in our clients’ life story is to walk alongside them to help them achieve their life goals such as planning for the retirement of their dreams. We provide a totally bespoke financial planning and investment management service, tailored around each of our client’s unique situations.

“Being part of the global investment company Raymond James, gives the stability of such a big financial powerhouse but with the quality and service typically only found in owner-managed businesses,” adds Wayne, who is married to Sophie and the couple have two young daughters.

A lover of the outdoors, Wayne now shares the experience he had as a young man with ambitions to become a stockbroker, by creating his own in-house academy within the branch in Longridge: “Just over three years ago we created an in-house academy, where we selected four post-graduates and supported them through the relevant training and qualifications for their suited role within the business. All of the four academy members have remained with the business and that’s something I’m extremely very proud of.”



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